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Artist: DMX
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   Already
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[Intro: DMX]
See this is what the fuck we do
I-I been seein what y'all do, but it ain't
Awwww fuck it, let's hit it!

Cats is runnin they mouth (ALREADY)
'Til they get that dirt in they mouth (ALREADY)
Now what's all the frontin about? (ALREADY)
Thought I wasn't comin in that house? (ALREADY)
Now they sing a whole different tune (ALREADY)
Ever since that thing went BOOM (ALREADY)
Every hood, I'm that dude (ALREADY)
Ghetto pass stay gettin renewed (ALREADY)
Y'all know how the Dog moves (ALREADY!)
I ain't got a damn thing to prove (ALREADY)
What's my motherfuckin name? (ALREADY)
It's NOT a fuckin GAME! (ALREADY)
C'MON! {*echoes*}

[Chorus 2X: DMX]
It's somethin I do, ain't got nothin to do
with the frontin you do, or your funky ass crew
Fuck what you think, fuck what you say
Cause, I'ma be the Dog all DAY! (all DAY!)

Hold up, shit went to the left! (ALREADY)
Lyin with every motherfuckin breath! (ALREADY)
Y'all must think niggaz is stupid (ALREADY)
With that bullshit that YOU did? (ALREADY)
C'mon, we all saw right through that (ALREADY)
Try this but don't do that (ALREADY)
You can't do this but don't do that (ALREADY)
MAN, that's why I ain't comin at you black! (ALREADY)
This whole rap shit fell apart (ALREADY!)
Gotta take it back to the start (ALREADY)
Kickin real shit from the heart (ALREADY)
Ask God, at first it was dark (ALREADY)
C'MON! {*echoes*}


Cats wanna rap but can't write (ALREADY)
Niggaz is divas that can't fight (ALREADY)
Grown men still suckin dick (ALREADY)
Niggaz more bitch than a bitch! (ALREADY)
Wannabe gangsta and a snitch (ALREADY)
What part of the game is this? (ALREADY)
Y'all know how I get down (ALREADY!)
Ring bells when I hit town (ding, ding, ding, ding!)
Straight up, I lay shit down (ALREADY)
What BITCH? I'll lace shit now! (ALREADY)
Dog off the leash again (ALREADY)
Ask around in the streets I'ma win! (ALREADY)
C'MON! {*echoes*}


[Outro: DMX]
Big Yates, down in {?}
Big Swole, I'm here baby
Hit 'em all, down in New Orleans
I ain't forget about you dawg, HAH!