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Artist: DMX f/ Kashmere
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   Fire
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* samples of "Put Out My Fire" by Lamont Dozier plays throughout

[Intro: DMX]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, grrrrr
Grrrrrr, WHAT~!
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

I love music cause it's somethin special
I just have the words and when I'm done, I bet you
it'll make you easier to cope with the pressure
in dark, cause you think the light won't let ya
Right now all I see is shapes and sounds
You snake you clown that's why I shake you down
Got somethin I want, I'ma take it now
It is what it is, you cryin like "How I'ma make it now?"
Get the FUCK off your knees, I don't swing like that!
Cause when I let it go I let it go, I throw that thing right back
Man, I can smell pussy from a mile away
Nigga yo' style is shade so, put the smile away
Niggaz actin like I'm the only one with problems
You know somethin I don't? Fuck it, let's solve 'em
And at my worst you not even HALF of me
Which is one reason why you'll always be AFTER me

[Interlude: Kashmere]
Oh my God!
No matter how hard I try I just can't get away from it
I got so much fire built up inside of me
But when it's time to let it go
I got one thing to give and one thing only

Hot bars is the only thing these muh'fuckers gettin
It's time to show these niggaz Dog ain't raised a fuckin kitten
Eat twenty niggaz like a 20-piece bucket of chicken
Ain't on my level snowflake, who the fuck is you kiddin?
The hottest chick in the game is what I am still
Fire hot enough to burn your whole entire grill
And believe me, them third-degree burns are hard to heal
I'll have you wishin you liestened to Fire Marshal Bill
You can't take the fire that I'm bringin y'all
I'll have yo' ass beggin for a fire extinguisher
And all your mans, lookin at you like damn hoes
I'm hot enough to burn the flesh off your damn bones
So for you niggaz be claimin that you got heat
And claimin that you're the best and the next to eat
I'll be next to X or next to Grease
with bars that'll hit you like a bottle of Texas Pete


Don't start what you can't deal with
Cause I'm a nigga that still get all up baby, real shit
I'm a dog for real, I beast on niggaz
Take it back to the streets on niggaz, feast on niggaz
Open a bottle of liquor, pop a can of beer
Pour out the first sip for the homies that ain't here
Because you know in your heart they still right there
It is what it is, at times life ain't fair
You ain't me so what I'm 'bout to do to this rap shit
will have some real niggaz on some "excuse my back" shit
Wish a nigga would, wish a nigga could
Regardless of what you think, a nigga's still good
So easy to, kill a nigga
Especially when you don't, feel a nigga
Can't see the, real in a nigga
We don't know about Gucci, we don't know about Prada
But what we do know is we gon' do what we gotta