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Artist: DMX
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   Fuck U Bitch
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{*ad libs for first 18 seconds*}

Uh, uh, uh, uh, fuck you bitch
Straight up, don't give a fuck about you bitch
He can't get off without you bitch
And he get ghost, took off like somethin ain't right
But I really feel this bitch is, frontin ain't right
So I, walk with it like THIS but try to get it like THAT
You still lookin like THIS, supposed to be like THAT
If you told me but you know me I'ma do what the fuck I want regardless
It all depends on where nigga your heart is
Peep the bullshit, not much so I'm like "I guess"
But I had to clean it up cause, well it's my mess
You knew you was fuckin with a dog
But you don't wanna be a bitch, stupid bitch! You fuckin with a dog!

[Chorus 2X: DMX]
But things don't go the way they supposed
And this bitch gettin me back in my clothes
And I'm gon' get on the road and do what the dog do
ARF ARF! Your whole crew

Okay okay, if that's what you say
And that's how you move, if that's how you play
See, I'm a thorough nigga, basically what I do
is if I got one I make sure you got two
BUT, then again if bitches is chickens
Just somethin for me to stick my dick in
Then I, gut bitches out, slut bitches out
Nut in bitches mouth, put bitches out
First man get down, last man go hard
Fuck bitches then I +Hump-free+ like Bogart
"X is so hard!" Yeah, all night
Cause it's all good baby, it's alright


No matter how much shit you go through, if the love is true
At the end of the day, what the fuck you gon' do
but deal with it, c'mon let's be real with it
You see a bad bitch but you still there so you still hit it!
Who wouldn't? Shit I know I would
And I keep her givin me head, cause I could
Then make me somethin to eat, so I'm good
Without even gettin adjusted, I'M SO HOOD!
C'mon ma, when you gon' stop the shit?
What I tell you to do, you do the opposite
What up, we playin games for what? This shit for real
Let me know ma, what the deal?

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Bitch fuck your crew, straight up