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Artist: DMX
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   Have You Eva
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"Oooooh, have you ever... ohh!" {*Freddie Jackson sample repeats throughout*}

[Intro: DMX]
Uhh, grrrrr
They're not ready for this
They're not ready for this one right here
Yo, I mean - aiyyo
This that real shit, I mean
That's all I do, get it right!
This is that! Okay? This is that!

Have you ever got up smilin, laid down cryin
First love life then, wish you were dyin
Bitch so fed up, you gave up tryin
Kept it straight up, but niggaz kept lyin
You ever see somethin that you wanted so bad
and got it, then wished it was somethin you never had
Have you ever been so lost and thought you wouldn't make it
Have you ever been forced into somethin and couldn't take it
Have you felt so strong for so long
but when it came down to it turned out to be so wrong
Done with yourself all like, "Where did I go wrong?"
Just get back up, pray on it, and go on

[Chorus 2X: DMX]
Ever been up (UP) ever been down (DOWN)
Ever been lost (LOST) then came around (AROUND)
Ever been through it (THROUGH IT) then came out of it (OUT OF IT)
Never had it (HAD IT) then get a lot of it

Have you ever wanted to go right, then chose left
Deep down wanted life, to where he chose death
Burned in the night but in the day he'd show strength
Regardless of what you think, I'm goin to the left
Have you ever wished upon a star that really wasn't there
You gaze so in your heart but, really didn't care
Found out at the wrong time that life wasn't fair
And all you can do is take it like, "Yeah"
Ever found out that the shit you was in made you even deeper
It's your mans tryin to creep ya
Knock your block off, put your ass in a sleeper
Used to be my dawg, now he's the Grim Reaper!


Have you ever seen somethin that you didn't wanna see
Had to be somethin that you didn't wanna be
Had to kill a nigga that look just like me
Wanted to believe but had to trust like me
I've seen the dark, I've seen the light
I've seen the day, I've seen the night
I've seen the wrong, I've seen the right
I've seen the struggle, I've seen the fight!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X