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Artist: DMX f/ Kashmere, Ashley Williams
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   I Got Your Back
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[Intro: DMX]
Uhh, see, the Dog
I know you heard it before but, ha ha
This is that, that, Bonnie and Clyde

[Chorus 2X: Ashley Williams]
He got my back, I got him
I can't walk this dog without him
He won't be the same without me
Down for whatever and that's how it's gon' be

[Interlude: Ashley Williams]
Don't get discouraged if your dreams don't come true
I got your back and I'm gon' be there for you
When the stress is too much and you don't know what to do
I got your back and I'm gon' be there for you, ohhhh-ohhh

Shorty got my back, like a jacket
Hold me down, when I can't hack it
Bringin the paper, she stack it
Walkin together, with the ratchet, mami gon' snatch it
Drop the ball and she catch it, that's how we do
Bonnie and Clyde, nigga this how we do
She down for the ride, nigga this how we do
'Til a nigga die, that's how we do


[Kashmere] + (DMX)
Yo, I hold him down like nobody else
So when it's time to ride I'm by his side, he don't count on nobody else
Run up in the spot with the hammers
Hoodies, sweats and bandannas, just take with them cameras
Get what we came for (c'mon, let's get goin!)
Cause when it come to that paper (we get it on!)
I'm here for him cause I know he need that
And I'ma be by his side 'til the day that I die, believe that


When it rains it pours, my pain to yours
POP with the mop and bleach so it stains the floors
We gon' clean up the mess we made
Roll out and live good for the rest of our days
She got me and, I got her
Still get up in that pussy like, grrrrr
We don't even currrr, put that behind us
Cops is lookin for us let the motherfuckers find us

[Interlude] - 2X