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Artist: DMX
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   I'm Back
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* sample of "Loving You the Second Time Around" by Eddie Kendricks repeats throughout

[Chorus: sample] + (DMX)
"Yeahhhhhhh, yeah-yeah" (let these motherfuckers know!)
"I'm back! To hold you" (uh, uh, uh, uh, let 'em know!)
"I'm back! To hold you" (uh, uh, uh, uh, let 'em know!)
"I'm back! To hold you" (uh, uh, uh, then give it to me like!)
"Yeahhhhhhh, yeah-yeah"
"I'm back!"

I flip to the tracks to get to the wax
Let these fuckin cowards know I ain't slip through the cracks
Dog back on the scene makin a bunch of noise
You know you're the wrong man, cause I break boys
Man these niggaz is toys but, I don't play with 'em
So, if you got guerillas with guns, stay with 'em!
Cause muh'fucker we'll bang for war
But we don't keep them things in drawers, when it rains it pours
Cold, blooded killers, the murders is senseless
To I.D. we'll need forensics, or a dentist
Fuck with D-O-G and you will be
straight up, D.O.A. so R.I.P.
Look, real niggaz slip but bounce right back
Went from a ounce to a brick like that
Camera's always on so nigga might act
Like you wanna fight, 'til I fight back
I'm back!


Scratch 'til the death, I'm a go-getter
Let them rounds go and download more than Twitter
Slugs big as my finger collect four in your vest
And we'll still be able to play Connect Four on your chest
Or I could, hit him in the mouth and make this bastard taste
nothin but lead, told you, I'm a basket case!
They call me acid face, cause I spit lava
You're better off smackin your father but don't bother
We, career criminals, we rob niggaz
Double R for life, we mob niggaz
Bitch niggaz do what you do, suck a dick
Fuckin faggot, you BEEN on some sucka shit
I'm BACK up in yo' face, up in yo' grill
Gettin back up in that ass with a license to kill
Tell your mans and them to chill, if they don't want what you got
They thought they was fuckin with a gangsta but you not!