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Artist: DMX f/ Adreena Mills
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   No Love
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[Intro: DMX]
This is music
This is in my heart
I mean, I can't even explain it
This, is music
And I love, music

[Chorus 2X: DMX] + (Adreena Mills)
If I can't fuck with you for real (no love)
Then I can't fuck with you at all (no love)
And that means y'all (you ain't got no love)
When you get caught up, don't even call
And don't worry about me cause I'm gon' ball

Cats city ridin, halfway through it
They be like, "I'm not gon' be able to do it!"
Just last week wasn't, really nuttin to it
Cats full of shit, sad, I knew it (damn!)
You know what it is, save all the rappin
It's like, watchin a movie knowin what's gon' happen
Check it~! You do you, I'll do me
Dog gon' be alright, you'll see (aight!)
Been down this road before, I'm sure
This is a battlefield and I'm built for war (c'mon!)
Ain't nothin new to an O.G.
Bullshit, troubles, hard times, they all know me (WHAT!)
Been there, the dick riders, the insiders (yeah!)
The ones that we let get in right beside us
Keepin friends close, enemies closer, I GOT IT!
Now I put 'em all in one pocket (c'mon!)


I wish I could believe you (I wish) I WANNA count on you
You NEVER gotta worry about me runnin out on you
After thinkin about it I see what it was for
It took the snake to make me trust more
I TRUST you to stab me in the back
I TRUST you to start runnin your mouth, soon as I walk out (WHAT!)
I TRUST you to steal from me and lie to me (WHY!)
Actin like we love each other, WHY DO WE?! (WHY!)
Everything ABOUT you is crooked, look it
Fed a nigga some bullshit, and I took it
That's what I get, I'm old school fuckin with a hybrid
Most of you talkin 'bout, "Try this"
Fool me once, shame on you (okay!)
Fool me twice, you did what you supposed to do
Ain't never even THOUGHT about bitin the hand that feeds me (BUT!)
But y'all motherfuckers is GREEDY!