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Artist: DMX
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   What They Don't Know
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[Chorus: DMX]
What they don't know, they gon' find out {*3X*}
What they don't know, they gon' find out REAL SOON BABY!

[DMX - over Chorus]
Man, listen!
These cats must be out they fuckin mind baby!
Thinkin the Dog don't got it!
But you 'bout to find out, what it is, C'MON!

They call me, go against the grain, the swagger's reckless
Since 12 smack a nigga, grab his necklace
And the nigga gon' respect this, Dog come through like Deebo
Ain't gotta touch his life but gettin paid off C-lo
That's yo' man faggot, he know, go hard and get down
Whenever Dog hit town, I shut shit down
But I want it NOW, if I see it, I'ma take it
And you better hope I don't want it all cause, I'll leave you naked
I ain't never had to fake it, Dog come through with no gun
I'll show somethin, I'm scared of no one, and I don't run
I tell niggaz, X is back
And it ain't where I'm at, it's what I'm givin niggaz, X is back


They on that peep Dark whisperin, walk soft shit
I'm a dog, course I recognize a bitch
And I ain't speak cause I was actin funny nah, it's not what I'm about
You just look mad different without a fuckin dick in your mouth
Soon as I seen you I knew you was see-through, cause I seen through
I ain't mean to, he made me hit him, that's what the thing do
If we were big as our hearts you'd be, half my size
I only fuck with the real Scarface and Nas
Niggaz love to think the worst - but put
what you think in this hand a pile of shit in the other, which one'll get filled up first?
I stay remindin niggaz what the gun do
Wherever I'm at niggaz don't come through, if they do they run through (c'mon!)


[DMX - repeat 2X]
(It ain't my fault) that on the mic, y'all niggaz suck
(It ain't my fault) when shots go off, y'all niggaz duck
(It ain't my fault) real niggaz run in circles around you
(It ain't my fault) did the dirt but now the dirt found you


[Outro: DMX]
Niggaz is fuckin blind!
Lookin without seein
Walkin without bein
Livin without breathin
C'mon, y'all niggaz is, assed out son!
Eh-deh-eh-eh {*8X*}