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Artist: DMX
Album:  Undisputed
Song:   Ya'll Don't Really Know
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Aight, uhh
Yo Scar, what up baby?
Aight, I see you my nigga!

[Chorus 4X: DMX]
Y'all don't really know
Theyyyyy don't really know

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Check it
Sky's the limit so I'm reachin for the stars
I'm, tired of bein the nigga that they keep behind bars
What's good, you got it? I'ma take yours
I'm hood, FUCK a gun, I break jaws
Understood, there's nothin to, bang for the cause
And I should, cause you frontin, bang with the fours
Rats playin in the walls, cats playin in the halls
But niggaz know, after certain hours stay indoors
Cause, I'm not responsible for, what I might do
or, what might happen if, Dog come through
It's, gon' be a problem cause, man if I catch him I'ma rob him
But for that it's too late, I gotta eat, you ate
You straight, I ain't gon' take it all, today
You can say what you want but y'all know the truth
X is a beast in the streets and the booth nigga


Beast on a track like Wolverine
I'm a Pitbull but got wolves on the team
It ain't what it seems, so don't get it twisted
I'ma let you know just in case cats missed it
Got me fucked up, thought that I fell off
Now niggaz wanna ride dick, get the hell off
C'mon chulo, we both know you culo
I know, and you know that you don't wanna do no
beefin for real, nigga I sleep with the steel
Keepin shit real, I creep shit still
Ain't nothin changed but the date and the year
Niggaz make threats cause they hate that I'm here