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Artist: (DMX f/) DJ Envy
Album:  The Weigh In
Song:   DJ Envy Interlude
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[DJ Envy]
Let me tell you about DMX
DMX is probably, one of the artists that saved Def Jam back in the day
when Def Jam was going down 
and-and he saved Def Jam with the, with the cruddy raps
But let me tell you how generous DMX was (Okay)
This is when I was producing
DMX flew me down to uh, L.A. (uh-huh) when he was shooting a movie
and uh, we did about four or five tracks
but the reason I knew DMX was so big 
is in the middle of the movie he stopped filming
and was like "Envy, let's go, uhh, fly helicopters." (ha ha ha)
And we went to the store, we bought remote control helicopters
and started flying helicopters in the middle of the set!