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Artist: DMX f/ Big Stan
Album:  The Weigh In
Song:   Where I Wanna Be
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[Chorus: unknown singer] {w/ DMX ad libs}
In the darkest days no rain that falls
Frees me from the life that calls
And all the things I need to find an answer for
But in the end I know I'll see
the truth in all that I believe
I do what I gotta do
Cause I know that this, is where I wanna be

Got a lot to say but don't know who to talk to
Step with a purpose, but don't know where to walk to
If anything I ever said, ever meant somethin
I know because the person I said it to, told me it meant somethin
My life has a meanin, my life has a purpose
No matter how dark it gets, I knew that it was worth it (what!)
FUCK what it looked like on the surface (c'mon!)
Seen it all but, not all heard us, like sometimes I was murderous (damn)
Can't expect everybody to get what you're doin
Can't expect them all to be with what you're doin
Don't give a FUCK if a muh'fucker hate me (nope!)
What you think it is ain't me, but what's good with you lately?
HATE when I sense this shit
Tryin to make sense of this shit, knowin that it's sensitive shit
Niggaz so dumb, you don't even censor shit
You said this shit, so I KNOW you meant the shit you senseless BITCH!


[Big Stan]
Born with an addiction to fast livin, with high stakes
I race down the highway of life with no brakes
Make no apologies for the risks that I take
And mannin up to the repercussions that I face
No silver spoon, I was raised in a crowded room
Rarely seen the sun, faced a lot of gloom
I hit the streets too soon before 21
Been on the clock since, and on it 'til I'm done
I'm never clockin out, but always lockin in
I had a warm heart, lost a lot of friends
And losin them made me feel like I was drownin
So please forgive the chill I know you feel when you around me
Dreamed of livin right, big family, the picket fence
Grandkids I would get to share my story with
But here I am, livin bio as I stand ground
Just hope it doesn't end with shots fired, "Man down!"


If I could bottle the inspiration, I'd be a billionaire
Straight fuckin villain yeah, X baby still in here
I feel the air, I can smell the death in it
Y'all be left in it so fuck it nigga, step wit it~!
The walk is easy, the journey ain't worth nothin
That's why every day a nigga wanna hurt somethin
BUT, make progress, more or less
Cause if I can avoid the stress I can avoid the rest (c'mon!)
A nigga STAY dealin with the bullshit daily (damn!)
Niggaz is worse than the bitches, y'all hear me
Straight up, I'm FED UP! (WHAT!)
Have you sprayed up and wet up (WHAT!)
Now you laid up and won't get up
NOW look what the fuck you done got yourself into
All I did was open the curtains and you jumped out the window
That's what suckers do, just a punk motherfucker you
Got a nigga like "Motherfucker OOH~!!"

[Chorus] - 2X

[Outro: DMX]
This is all I know {*repeat to the end*}