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Artist: DMX
Album:  The Weigh In
Song:   Where My Dogs At
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Uh, uh, uh, WHAT!
{*growls and barks*}
Yo, C'MON!
Where my dogs at?! (Uh)
Uhh, where my dogs at?! (What!)
Uhh, where my dogs at?! (They not ready!)
C'mon! (This hip-hop)
Where my dogs at?!

You can try but I do fight, just can't seem to do right
Can't run with the big dogs, those jeans are too tight
I been doin this for too long, plus dog is too strong
Let you cats, bite me off the map, with a new song
Man you know you wrong, tryin that shit there
Yeah, a nigga went there, all you did was sit there
I've been rappin about 20 years and you 20 years old
X is back on the block, lookin to go gold
There's a new sheriff in town, just been re-elected
You ain't gotta like it but respect it, nigga check it!
I'ma get it in until the nigga wins with the dividends
cause, we gon' walk the dogs, 'til the bitter end
You like, "Oh it's him again!" I knew that's how you felt
{*sniff*} Pussy~! I knew that's how you smelled
All you cats do is play around, with your speech
Talkin 'bout, what you got, ain't air in the teeth
You can, put on a vest but, I'ma still stop ya
Cause I got a chopper that sound like a helicopter
And niggaz really don't want me to pop the trunk
We gon' either chop or slump when I cock and dump
Whether the Glock or pump, cats ain't ready
Half from here to here, lookin like spaghetti
Pull out the machete, hack off the limbs
Bag up the pieces, wipe off the Timbs
Jump in the Benz, five cars deep
4 o'clock in the morning, riders still asleep
Shut shit down whenever we hit town
GIVE A NIGGA PASS! I lay my dick down
You can, bring out the best or, bring out the worst
You gon' bring out the worst, we gon' bring out the hearse
Niggaz play poker, I play poke-her
Hit her from ear to ear make her smile like The Joker!