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Artist: DMX
Album:  Year of the Dog... Again
Song:   Life be My Song
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ask me if I cry
I'll tell you why I can
come on!

I'm gonna go hard
whether I'm right or wrong
till the dead and gone
it's on!
what ya'll really want?!
bring it on
I'ma let life be my song
[Repeat Chorus]

How I live is simple
walk through the streets
talk to the beats
New York!  I'ma eat
I never had a problem with surviving
no problem with getting down, busting my guns, or ruff rydin'
cats talk slick but I talk slicker
my shits for real cause I'm that nigga
the reason that you hurtin' is you gotta take your problems
straight to the lord, no body else can solve them(?)
see what I see but look through my eyes
the devil is a liar the truth never lies
we all got issues
shit that we go thru
shit that we been thru
shit that we wont do
the pain that we bring upon ourself
for no reason, is the worst!
that's why I say I'm blessed with the curse
the Lord gave it all to me
and in the process, I lost my soul
damn! the devil got a hold
in my mind, I'm like a little boy
lost in crime
like the healthy nigga that the devil forced into dying
the lord knows I'm trying
but at the same time
you hear the nigga with the weight of the world!
why you gave it to Earl?


to live is to suffer
and i'm living it up
face everyday chin up
I ain't giving it up
cause if I aint giving a fuck
the who will?!
so I hope for the best
knowing that its all uphill
sometimes I wonder what's lifes about
sometimes I wonder why I take the wrong route
then turn around and go out
and no doubt, the fate in mine is blind
so whatever, fuck it, I'ma roll out
we all go through the motions
we get different notions
we each have our own ocean
that we can either drown or float
like the vessels that we are
vessels that would carry many far
dont know what to say, when you talking
dont know who you gone see, when you walking
if you dont know how much of what you do is dirt
3 things you dont know gonna get you hurt!