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Artist: DMX f/ Swizz Beatz
Album:  Year of the Dog... Again
Song:   We in Here
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[Swizz Beatz] + DMX
Game time... let's go... WE IN HERE!
It's time to bring the East Coast back baby!!
New York (the dog) WE IN HERE!
We talkin' 'bout the Swizz and the dog wasn't gonna terrorize y'all niggaz?
You can't be serious!
Ruff Ryders!

[Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
We gon' get it, get it started, get it started again
We gon' get it, get it started, get it started again (We in here!)
We gon' get it, get it stoppin', get it poppin' again
We gon' get it, get it poppin', get it poppin' again (follow me now!)
{*scratching*} We..we..we..we..we..we..we..we..we..we..we..we..we..we..we IN HERE!

Six number one albums, imagine that
Cats is sick, 'cause dog got his swagger back
If that shit go, naw I ain't havin' that
But they don't want it, I'ma still grab the bat
Think I give a fuck? I'ma "get down," "go hard" type of nigga
"Bring it to the yard" type nigga
Four, four, one, O, five, fourteen thousand
Ten, ten haze the street with the housin'
C-76, remember me bitch?
I'm that nigga that for life, gon' be yo' enemy bitch
Fuck around, got my weight up, weight up, brought up
Niggaz gettin' ate up, straight up, what the fuck?
Come on vodto, this is just not your day
So stop tryin' to be macho, aight yo?
You don't wanna fight yo, I get's my strap on
Put niggaz' lights out {*clapping noise*} clap on!


We don't bark no more, we bite
Motherfucker from the heart, we can get this war on tonight
Ain't nuttin but a thang 'cause the camp gets busy
Fuckin' wit' the 'Line? It's a rizzy
Shit ain't the same, cats done changed the game
Fuck it, all y'all niggaz is lame, what's my motherfuckin' name?
(Come on) Twenty million records sold
While y'all niggaz is strugglin' to go gold!
Come on papi! Can't none of y'all niggaz stop me
Yahmean? Y'all niggaz is sloppy
What would the game be without me? Nada!
Cats talk about a whole lotta, Prada
Gucci and scota, Louie Vuitton
Come on, what up with what's really goin' on?
"What's hood?" Cats ain't killin' nuttin but a few minutes
I'm about to bury a box wit'chu in it
So if you got's the whip, you better get on
'Cause if I pull up on, it won't be for Grey Poupon


Cats playin' games, so I'm goin' raw
Run up in that fuckin' building, kick down the door
Y'all don't want no fuckin' problems wit' X
Y'all don't wanna see them four-legged beasts
wit' them collars on their necks
Wit' them niggaz downstairs wit' the tech, you know the rest
Fuck it, blow it y'all niggaz, bitch I take respect
Dog's shit hot, that's why y'all cowards froze me quick
I pop up, catch niggaz on some cozy shit
With Chinese slippers and silk scarves on
Nigga out here tryin' to get his bark on, wonder why the dog gone
I couldn't take it, deface it, that nigga make shit
That's somethin' that'll happen, nigga wanna brace it
And for the record, what you gonna do to fill up my spot?
I ain't gon' front, that "Pon De Replay" shit, was kinda hot
Not!! How you gonna jack Will Smith for a beat?
That's like tryna jack me for the streets! It ain't happenin'!


[Swizz Beatz]
WE IN HERE!WE IN HERE! {*explosion*}