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Artist: DMX f/ Bzr Royale
Album:  Year of the Dog... Again
Song:   Wrong or Right (I'm Tired)
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[DMX] Uhh, yeah
[Bzr] DMX
[DMX] Uh-huh (uh-huh) uhh
[Bzr] Bzr Royale - yeah, yeah, YEAH!

[Chorus: DMX]
I'm tired of answering for shit in MY LIFE
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
Tired of answering for shit that I DO
Enough about me, MAN WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT YOU?!

[Bzr Royale]
Dreamin, starvin, drinkin, smokin
Wishin, hopin, infra scopin
Hater prayin for the day man
What I'm sayin's hard not playin
Feel the world is Aquaman
Say them things for days it's rainin
And it's always rainin, and it's always some'n
I'ma keep on comin, I'ma keep on comin
So butterflies can't reach my stomach
to get my heartbeat jumpin and my blood flow pumpin
So my life means some'n and it ain't no frontin
for the respect you get for the work in the climbin
For the ways that's beside me and the niggaz that don't like me
Got a pistol and my iron if you wanna get to firin
We can all keep the violence, we can all get the iron
It's all about the timin if you wanna get the hype in - early!


Top, dog, cat's don't, know (WHAT!)
Can't fuck with the flow from Y.O. (WHAT!)
Ridin too much dick, say it ain't so (YEA!)
I'm about to let the dog blow, YO!
Get the fuck out the way or get bit (C'MON!)
I ain't with the industry bullshit (UHH)
Cause this is what you'll get (UHH)
Stomped the fuck out or, shut the fuck up and (WHAT!)
Put cats down never, got the fuck up and (WHAT!)
What the fuck's up bitch, I'm tired of talkin
I'm about to let my finger do the walkin (O-KAY!)
Before we outlined in, chalk in the middle of the street
Just start to feelin a little bit of heat (C'MON!)
Don't let the steel in the street that you know go to your head
Fuck around you gon' wake up, DEAD (aight?)
I ain't playin wit'chu bitches, I got 20 years in it
But I realize, it only takes a minute, to end it


[Bzr Royale]
It's Bzr Royale, come do it live
Mama say, mama sah, mama macusa!
We in {?} probably they know why
Not tryin to be funny; my time is money
See - OFTEN runnin we out the gate
My - HORSE is gunnin, we winnin this race
It's Bloodline (niggaz) it's no time (nigga)
for bitch ass (niggaz) to fool my (niggaz)
Drinkin daily, old ceiling leakin
Men seem tense still smokin, drinkin
Hammers ready for them billings
Tryna creep up in my building
Drunk ass bitches, what's the matter with your mind?
Learn how to live or you learn how to die
Kill a killa, be a killa, that's what's REALLY HOOD
That's what's REALLY GOOD, wish a NIGGA WOULD


[Bzr Royale - over Chorus]