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Artist: Doja Clik
Album:  THC
Song:   THC
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-=Ren talkin=-
T-H mutha fuckin' C [THC]
Doja Clik [THC]
We just begun [THC] [THC]

I smoke big fader
Keep away from fakers
Fuck wit Grandma yay
Only deal wit the majors
Tetro hydro canibus lawn
Best green you ever saw
Have yo ass off the wall
Breakin' every man-made law
Before you walk you must crawl
Hell naw I run this shit
Break yo mutha fuckin' back
Stomp a mudhole in yo bitch
So you betta watch yo lips
You betta watch yo step
Cuz the Doja Clik is back
The Heat Monsta ain't done yet
Get yo California greens
Fill a bong
Clean yo screens
Or roll up a Mexi-Cali
And blaze up for the team
Cuz we must unite and fight
For our right to smoke weed
Go to
We got what you need