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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   Box With Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, my knuckles like stuble, fuck you
Make your face buckle, your shit outta luck dude
My hand game is Sugar Ray and Cassius, back in the days I was a bully
Stood about 5 foot something, and ain't shit you can tell me
My motto was, knock a nigga out, if he talking shit, punch him in his mouth
If he still acting up, well then, stomp the nigga out
So his lights out, yeah that's the ways of the hand, son
But it's extinct, now it's the ways of the handgun
It's the weight of the cannon, I need fish on my dish, man, I'm
looking for salmon
Get myself out the jam I'm in, shine like seeing my friend
Oh shit, Dom P's the man again
Action, see the lights and cameras, man
We in the ring like when the pro's fight, we in the street getting our dough right
I shine light like a pro post, smoking coco, P's loco
I got it from my Uncle Choco, but that's aight, though

[Chorus 5X: Dom Pachino]
Box with me, if you think you can handle
In any weight class, kid, P is an animal

[Dom Pachino]
Box with me, kid-kid, rock for me
They better be a purse, I fight for freedom and money
With my tea, I need honey, plus that camouflage green'll be lovely
When I drink it get's ugly
Shoot the fifth in the rain when it's muddy
Get your shit pushed in like silly putty, for talking real funny
Look in my eyes, you can't, Debo or son me
Tap my jaw, I'm on point, man, plus, I'm on the money
Cuz I'm on my grungy, if I'm doing shows for one g, I do a hundred
In and out of state, and out the country, I knock pussy out the box
That's why them bitches love me, they fucking love me

[Chorus 6X]

[Dom Pachino]
Do me a favor, shoot a round with me
Pound for pound, I got the best sound, around homey
I'm in the best shape of my career
Run laps around you dudes, you are not prepared
Five hundred sit-ups, five hundred push-ups
Hit the sand bag for an hour, then do some pull-ups
Are you not tired of that bling-bling rap? Ding-ding
Now watch your favorite rapper get cracked
The fuck open, he has no susbstance, he is not potent
And I am not joking, I am the bringing real rap back spokesman
This is the bout of the century, I do it for my niggas
In the streets and in the penetenteries that represent for me
Now you can box with me, but the strength's on my side
Puerto Rico, plus I got the ref on my side
Stop holding, I know them ribs are hurting don't lie

[Chorus 4X]