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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Block McCloud, Thirstin Howl III
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   La Calle
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Block McCloud]
Ya tu sabe, ya tu sabe, ya tu sabe, de la calle
??? la calle, ??? la calle
??? la calle, ??? ???
???? e la call, ya tu sabe

[Dom Pachino]
I'm talking rice and beans, and mommy's polio
So special, sazon, so fritto adobo
I was raised in the soil, where the milk went spoiled
Selling coco and perico at the gucci frito
Stack chips like Frito Lay, manito don't play
All the pistolas will spray
I see your inside like an x-ray
Sayanora, too much for ya, escusa me, escusa me
??, they can't stop me, I keep it moving
Like the bricks I picked up from papi
Never move sloppy, the flow so choppy
???, I control all my shit
Designed it, like a new custom whip
Don't slip up, or you'll get wiped up
And if my marksmen out you might get sniped up
Cracked up, like you smoked a whole pipe up
It's Dom P and you know I get the crowd hyped up
Come se dice, I got that right stuff, plus that white stuff


[Thirstin Howl III]
Boricua soy, speak my voice
Julia Rubia, she's my toy
Brooklyn boy, blunt ain't clean
??? e numero, one eighteen
Mami canta con la garganta, ???
???, ???, ???
Cinqe zero zero, semi ??
Fumo one, smoke attached
I'm a 70's baby, came with the afro
Low life nigga, skeet credits crazy
???, ????, wait my turn
Not a damn thing, can I learn
Thirstin Howl in espanol
Nun te la credo, over techs I hold


[Block McCloud]
??? principo, ???
Se tu crehe in Christo, bese ill pistol
???, ???, se mi ??? so pistolero
???, quando ???
Block's a nigga from the street, watch for cinque zero
Rico's can't help you, I seen your ??
If I catch you on the wing, snatch your brijo, your oro
??? take all ya'll, prenda, ???
????, ???
???, travaja, we off the books this year
We all over South America, yeah, Brooklyn's here
Cantando, rappiando, boricua
Representando, Santa ???, yeah plus ???
???, yeah runs with my ???
Boricuas liberta, Thirstin Howl and Dom P

[Chorus 2X]