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Artist: Dr. Dre f/ Anderson .Paak, Dem Jointz, Ice Cube
Album:  Compton: A Soundtrack
Song:   Issues
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[Intro: Anderson .Paak]
(WOW!) From close range we official
(WOW!) Cocaine, money and pistols
(WOW!) Goddamn it I got issues!
(My God!) Can't be serious...

[Dem Jointz]
Alright now here we go!
Where my city at? Fuck with me, come on!
I know you're feelin that, fuck with me, come on!
You know I'm really that, fuck with me, come on!
Come on, come on!
Don't even act like I ain't 'bout my business, motherfucker come on!
Come on, come on! Yeahhhh
Full clip, ammunition
You don't wanna deal with these fuckin consequences

[Ice Cube]
Fuckboys should tighten up a whole lot
I got some niggaz with me down for runnin up in yo' spot
And these niggaz got hatchets and ratchets
Some of them lethals up under the mattress
And matter of fact this is a chance to show my lifestyle out to the masses
But chances are I might get another negative reaction
Think I'm a fraction but I fucks 'em up like battery acid
I gives a FUCK what you think, nigga! This is my passion
Survive through the time, you know my name, you know my reputation
You know what it is, I don't need to give no explanation
When you say my fuckin name, add exclamation
Los Angeles king now; make yo' bitch bring crowns
for me and Dre, you don't like it, you can lay
Think I'm quiet, cause I'm actin, but my bank account gon' say
(Fuck you!) Respected from SoCal out to the Bay
Cashed a lot of checks this morning, guess today +Was a Good Day+

[Chorus: Dem Jointz]
Now I lay me down
And wake up to gunshots in this crazy town
Now oooooh, good morning
And the sleepers will join the fallen

[Dr. Dre]
But this is what the fuck is up, doin this for my city
Comp-town, Hub, this my fuckin committee
Shout out to Dub-C, real nigga be with me
C-Walkin on these niggaz with a crease in them Dickies
You know how many nights I heard them sparks echo in the park?
Around this time I was spinnin records at Eve After Dark
My city crazy, school girls used to play with that chalk
Same chalk police use to outline niggaz we lost
You understand what I'm sayin? Shit is crazy, man
Fuck the money, yo this shit could never change me, man
These new niggaz in this bitch could never phase me, man
I know it's strange but on some real shit it's plain as day
I'm just havin some fuckin fun with this rap shit
+Nigga Wit a Attitude+, still gettin active
Man this industry to me, it feels a little plastic
I ain't heard nothin that I can consider classic
Ugh, but this is for my niggaz who been runnin with me (runnin with me)
And everybody in this bitch that's out there gunnin for me (gunnin for me)
And I got love for my people that stay one hun'ned with me (one hun'ned with me)
I'ma keep it A-1; been that way since day one


[Chorus] - first line change "Now" to "So"

[Dr. Dre]
Drama, make it, city, maddening (yeah!)
All I think about is makin classics
Attractin, magic, for the, masses (what!)
This how you make a muh'fuckin classic, classic

[Outro: Dem Jointz]
This is where I leave you {*tires peel out with gunshots*}
Carry you, carry you {*sirens*}
In the city of Compton
This is where I leave you
Carry you, carry you
Down the Pacific Coast
This is where I leave you
And all your issues, ohh