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Artist: (Dr. Dre f/) Asia Bryant, Game
Album:  Compton: A Soundtrack
Song:   Just Another Day
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{*whistle blows*}

It's motherfuckin GAME TIME!!

Six pounds of chronic on my grandma coffee table
That's how you remember it; that's how I remember it
Yeah, dip into the liquor store, .9 in my khaki's
Crips tryna get at me, my red Impala bumpin like acne
My city'll trap me; been shot, robbed, stabbed
Chased home, socked out, jabbed by esse's, cops, degenerate niggaz with rags
Disintegrate niggaz went into me, dome shots like Kennedy
Slugs drippin with Hennessy, got MURDEROUS tendencies!
And if you don't know where the fuck they got me from
Martin Scorsese when I pull out my gun
Scarface, car chase, tell me how your blood taste
Ask your baby mama, she'll tell you how a Blood taste
Basket case, still I'm back with Dre
Wait I never left, run up in Beats, "Bitch pass the safe!"
Compton! Produced by a billion in this motherfucker
Still smokin, Dre we need a ceiling in this motherfucker
Compton! They killin in this motherfucker, they grillin in this motherfucker
Lock the door, they stealin in this motherfucker
No chains, no reins, this my home, nigga this Hub City, no fly zone
Niggaz pull out burners start +Breakin'+ like Turbo and Ozone
Crack fiends on the back streets where the tracks lean and the needles lay
And switchblades, if you bitch made, put chili all on your Frito Lay's
Where we dream of Montego Bay but all we got is the swap meet
Where the cops meet, go bang-bang, leaves blood stains on the concrete
And I'm the only nigga bumpin Mobb Deep cause I mob deep down that side street
Cause I'm a Westside rider, live with gats on collars
Don't hate me, better get yo' dollars
I be on Rosecrans with a Glock in both hands, leanin on that Broug-ham
Flamed up like a Coke can with my name on it

[Outro: Asia Bryant]
Another day in Compton, the thrill is high
Know somebody's watchin, but I don't know why
Feel the fire burnin, it touches the sky
Feelin comin at you, I won't die tonight
So I get byyyyyyyyy
I get byyyyyyyyy
I get byyyyyyyyy
I get, I get by
Cause it's just another day in Compton