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Artist: Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) & Equipto
Album:  Bullet Symphony: Horns and Halos #3
Song:   Pieces of a Broken Man
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[Andre Nickatina]
I gotta have it like a crazy lady, I've been a addict since the late 80's
I got the soul of a crack baby
I get material thangs, if the imperial came
I would hang like the chain on your neck mayne
You see the pieces of a broken man
They say that I can fix a broken jam, shit whateva
I like the feelious part, you see the serious part
Peep it closer you see pieces of my broken heart
Caught in the verse and I embraced it
Mentally and physically it's somethin like a face lift
Take off like a spaceship, worth the whole place flip
Then I start to walk around like I'm fuckin famous, broken man

Everybody say it's love, but all you feel is hate
'Til I had enough I'm mackin like a Toma steaks
I violated through trials and tribulations
Just to put some smiles on they faces
Always bein anxious, the city of gangstas, alibi's
My face-off, just for true lies
Everything is a mirage, and yo mind is a collage
I seen through flaws, I'm a rebel without a pause
Defy laws, well I define raw ????
I caught up to how I'm livin today
Put away the stress and I can smile, this is happy as I am
See nothin is forever except the pieces of a man

[Andre Nickatina]
You can see tears cause of broken wings
God I let the weed, the greed and the G's get the best of me
P.O. asked for the rest of me
It's like I already failed and Khan's eyes is my destiny
I'm cookin soup for the recipe
Before corners, the weed smoke, it's almost depressin me
My P.O. straight up surpressin me
She know I'm ballin forever so she be actin like a referee
I'm kamikaze driven, and this is how I'm livin
I'm like a shark if I start swimmin then the party's endin
I like the coco pimpin, I wear Egyptian linen
I like to cheat up in the game if I ain't clearly winnin
Don't drink the seven signs focused on a filthy cat
Please forgive me God Khan if I don't last
If the car crashed, and I fly away
A broken man with broken hands and a broken land
It's hocus pocus man, yo here's your token man
You fix a broken jam, shit whateva