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Artist: Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) & Equipto
Album:  Bullet Symphony: Horns and Halos #3
Song:   Rap Candy Bars
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[Andre Nickatina]
Man I'm caught up in a candy world
Lemonhead drops in the candy world
My style be somethin like the candy Kit
You can get a cavity if you bitin it
Because you know I step on the scene
Burgandy suit like boss made beans
The vin stripes look just like Licorice
Reese's Pieces, sisters, nieces, nieces
You can break that Kit Kat
And when ya break that holla at a rap cat
Cause these Gummy Bears and these Gummy Worms
Taste real good wit 'em just freshly permed

And she doin what she 'posed to do
Sweet tooth for the Baby Ruth
So soft the Candy Cotton
She like one thick piece of chocalate
What ya ma call it? place ya bets
You get sweet and sour just like Raisanettes
Raise the stakes, chewin Bazooka
100 Grand I can see the future
It ain'tall sweet,but like Toffee
It get sticky just like Taffy
Sweet or swish with the sweetest fish
I'm lost in the mix so split the Twix

[Andre Nickatina]
I'm so reputicious with Bubblelicious
Big League choosin these major bitches
I don't swing at the pinata
I wait for the candy to fall, I gotcha Sinatra
Man, the way I play in the Bay is like Toffee fade
And, too good for kids
Trix for kids, sugar is how I live
Like Oatmeal Cookie's on the itz-fits
I'm year-round baby like a Peppermint
When it come to sweets I'm not hesitant
Put a Candy store right in your resident
Then I walk around like I'm the President
With a bit of honey tellin everybody get money

From here to, Las Vegas
Law breakers, Jawbreakers
Cupcakers all in the way
Try to take a chunk of my Payday
I'm P-town I'ma hit the loy
Lookin for a armor joy
I'm like a kid with a Tonka toy
High on Mars, candy of ours, this world of ours
Depends on how you focus
And I'm lookin for a Hostess

[Andre Nickatina]
For example
My candy apples dipped in caramel like to travel
Put lipstick next to your ear
Unless you a 3 Muskateer
Coppa, the beanery is at my locker
Now & Laters always move proper
Alexander the Great, section eight
Cake mix all over my face
Finger in the bowl I couldn't wait
Man Hershey Hawkins, Darryl Dawkins
Get the dunkin, why the pumpkin?
Because it's Halloween like everyday
When you gotta do it in a candy way
At least that's what yeah candy say