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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ J.F. Pimp, Struxx Denali
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Crak Musik
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Dungeon Masta]
Hey there, look, huh, see? What the hell is that?
Hey there, look, huh, see? What the hell is that?
Hey there, look, huh, see? What the hell is that?
I see you with that duffle bag, you ain't going nowhere with that

[Struxx Denali]
See I had to grab they heads to this one
If you want some, come get some, just another hit of infliction
It's pain and agony, I cause crucial confliction
I'm so raw, I'm like blood hype, the newest addicton
Yeah, they see the speech know the sky is the limit
Getting high, live it, so you know this is no gimmick
Reach the highest of the highest plateau, I need my cash flow
Ain't no shortcuts, don't need to take no backroads
Blow ya dutches in the air, go ahead and light one
Bullhorn sticking out my head look like a viking
Aight son, building my ego, therefore I might stun
I got swords, swing 'em around, I'm on to slice something
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm quite stubborn
Quick to put a little seed in ya wife's stomach
I won't cop ya CD, but I might dub it
Headed straight to the bank, with fine thumbprint

[Chorus 2X]

[J.F. Pimp]
Go with the crack music and your ears under attack
Produce a blue and for you to hear
A chick and lock hair wave, calling her face head
Raging like Chris Benoit, calling it wasted
Like cottage, subliminal, shots to the bang
Diabolical, criminal, get lost in the game
Hustle in the shit, like Bisquick
Baking wax like baking soda handling biscuits
Now you back in this, polluting more than a drug cartel
Murder action, luger shots to the thugs in jail
Spoken word, bitch, don't get cracked
Speakers up, sir, don't think you could rap
Big dubs with your insync crap on the block
While you Akon and sing with straps
Not guns, more like a veteran's rage
Only chick I ride for is scandalous bitch, don't get played

[Chorus 2X]

[Dungeon Masta]
Last night changed it all
Before you could walk, even stalk, look, learn to crawl
And I know lotta ya ass hating, plotting on my demise
I mean really son, I don't care, just watch me rise
And then I spent my verbal presentation, to be sore like a bore
I gave you Project Oblivion, yeah, I know you want more
I had to pay this mo'fo, said please, can you watch the door?
Of course, I'm talking wreckless, that's what my fans pay me for
I owe this to the chatter, really doesn't matter it
Cuz that end of conversation, I choose to ignore
Whining muthafuckas gonna make me make the blood pour
Snitch ass muthafuckas make me wanna swiss cheese adore
Break this niggas ankles, watch his bitch ass hit the fucking floor
Yes my Clanzmen Dirty, ain't saying nothing slick no more
Remove these bricks, I mean like early and out the door
It's 7:30, doesn't mean ya'll niggas worth