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Artist: Dungeon Masta
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Da Sparka
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Dungeon Masta]
Yo, please don't go there pa, pa
I'm begging you, don't go there, pa, pa
Yo, please don't got there ma, ma
I'm begging you, don't go there, ma, ma

[Dungeon Masta]
Next time I put my hands on you, I'mma smash you
Relax it's me when I grab you
If I don't have a gun, nigga, I'mma stab you
And smoke a fat bag of shit
I have not forgot the shit you did, nigga
Cock back the hammer slow, chin check a nigga
Do Re Mi Fa So, you know how this go
Dig deep in your pockets and run the fucking dough
Don't act like you haven't heard this term before
My thirst for bloods hurting and it seems I want more
What makes me happy with you, boo, check on the floor
With a sheet on you, really, my forecast is to warn you
I say it's simple, she can understand my verb
Can't talk to me like that, ma, my name ain't Herb
What I use wisely, my damage, my words
All a man really got, ma, is his words

[Hook: Dungeon Masta]
Why don't you keep it moving, before I hurt you
I'm begging you please
It's not your fault that you stupid, I had enough, man
Stay away from me