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Artist: Dungeon Masta
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Dollaz 4 Da Dead
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dungeon Masta]
What's poppn' Dungeon, it's been a while since we talking
I'm going through some shit right now, so please take a walk
You can't escape ya nature, walking time bomb, full of anger
If I can see you, just as well as I can hear you, you'll be in danger
While you walking around your cell, looking at your mirror stressed
Only happiness I'm trying feel right now, is eternal rest
You wasn't complaining, when I introduced you to the hustle game
And ever since then, my life was not the same
You only got yourself to blame
How dare you try to tell me what's right from wrong?
I put my trust in you, I didn't know it won't last this long
Well you know how the saying goes, you could lead a horse to water
Cuz at the end he'll drink the water before he enter the house of slaughter
But you came out of nowhere, it been different, we met in the street
Oh, you trying to tell me, you would of blamed me, when ya ass was carrying heat
Nah, I still would of greeted you with love, and feel the shit you once or food
So tell me, why did you confine me, when ya stupid ass was confused

[Chorus 2X: Dungeon Masta]
What we have, it will be, K-I-L-L-I-N-G
First comes the gun, shot to the head
And we shall collect dollars for the dead
We shall collect dollars for the head

[Dungeon Masta]
I had the one that told you then, that would really understand
But you listened to my suggestions and you came through as planned
I had become my own worst enemy, all I know is how to to dirt
I even stole money from my moms, to get high, and it hurts
So what you took the money, but you haven't seen the picture
Got another scheme for us, made me happy, made you richer
I can't fuck with you no more, just, leave me alone
Let me guess, you're a changed man, nigga trynna stay home
I wasn't born to hurt the innocent, I wanna have fun, something new
Like, shooting at ya brother, for trying to play with you
Or sending fire to crackspots, cuz you wasn't part of they crew
Or steal the same stolen cars back from the niggas who stole them from you
I do not sleep at night, all I do is toss and turn
Have dreams to get out the game, watching the fire burn
What difference does it make, with me, you can't go wrong
I was doing ok, until ya grimey ass came along

[Chorus 2X]

[Dungeon Masta]
You talk freak now, cuz you holding figs now
What if I just run up on you, split ya wig, now?
I'm part of the 10th Chamber and the Brooklyn Zu now
It's always been like that, you niggas finding out now
Watch how now, you fucking with a pro now
Ready to go, and scrub ya ass anytime now
Don't pop Crys', got no ice, on the wrist now
I struggle hard then, and still struggle hard now
It's not my fault ya life is coming at an end, now
If you can't brawl, you'll just be a name on the wall
I hit you on the hip, you don't return the calls now
Cuz I don't smoke, now ya ass is going broke now
You're the type of nigga I would love to choke now
Stab you in the throat now, wet my throat now
Tie you to a chick, could hardly hear your speaking now
You wanna scream now, call for the team now

[Chorus 4X]