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Artist: Dutchmassive f/ Apathy, Celph Titled, C-Rayz Walz, Louis Logic, Majik Most
Album:  Junk Planet
Song:   The Hook
Typed by: UGRLS Webmaster

[Verse 1: Apathy]
All the dough I'm raking in is more than Bill Gates is taking in
Laying in a bed gettin' head from Jenna Jameson
Strangle Hell's Angels and jack their Harley Davidson
Ap spits raps on wax they can't wait to spin
The way I freestyle you'd think that I hate the pen
Never follow the traits and trends for papes to spend
I only fuck dates that I rate 10
While bitches you stick pose for camera's and break the lense
For all you gay fucks this shits a wake-up
Show you that I bust like D titties in A cups
When I attack you fucks and slap you up
Even your imaginary friends wont back you up

[Verse 2: Majik Most]
Ayo I'm coming off hotter than condoms on a human torch
Pushing off on your girl with torque
applying pressure, cause see no one's fresher
watch your little sister put my picture on her dresser
It's Majik Most, expect nothin lesser
So now you wanna battle when you see me at the party
bring your own chalk to outline your body
I come off (?) performing exorcisms
extract your ghost writer and laugh at your writtens
You fake-ass player why you flash money for?
I'll entertain your whore with a Commidore 64
And still get her on all fours begging for more

[Hook - 2X]
This is the hook, it's repeated 2 times
and usually the end of each line rhymes
we couldn't think of anything better than this
it's just 6 MC's who all got something to spit

[Verse 3: C-Rayz Walz]
I ain't the cat to lounge on, I get my pound on with a brick fist
Do my thing when I spit I'm found on
Any stage with a list and sick beats dope enough
I come in those events with can openers
for real I'm making deals with Celph when we speakin'
while your getting bones only time we have a hot meetin'
Get slapped! Fuck props, I snuff cops
Leave you out the picture like midget mug shots
And fuck you computer hoes who just found flows
I churn you out an airplane, call it my download
And thinkin' your nice can paralyze you
Kill yourself! If I was wack, that's what i'd do

[Verse 4: Celph Titled]
You can find me at the crib prolly fuckin a hoe
On a daily basis I make a buck plus a O
All it takes is a microphone for me to let my flow loose
hit the avenue and bag bitches like they was produce
I politic but like to extort nigga's most of all
Cause I be bringing more suspence than Steven King in overalls
Celph Titled, you know the name right
New York City famous, see my face in spotlights
I don't even like rap, I just like to talk shit
And I'm quick to pull the heat out when the block get thick
All you science-fiction nigga's that's trying to get your tape out
I'll ship your bodyparts accross the globe, leave you spaced out

[Hook - 2X]

[Verse 5: Louis Logic]
Y'all dont wanna reap with Dutchmassive
You claim you battle MC's when you just (?) you get smacked like sluts asses
when you cut classes during final exams, bunch of ingrates
pussy rappers whose menstrate styles finally cramped
You better call the EMS to stop your PMS
a prefect summers even less, you wish to never be as fresh
to see me in the flesh like morrison (?) go-go
pissin on promo tapes and shittin' on photo's
this is a no-no, keep wishin' your so dope
I'm switchin' my logo to me grabbin your neck with both fists in a chokehold
A lot of dick-riders try to lick my nuts
the funny thing is y'all dummy's think that this is a low blow

[Verse 6: Dutchmassive]
And motherfuckers keep askin' when my album is droppin
It's not homie, that shit'll play in my walkmen
Y'all ain't worthy for the sounds that I produce for ya
Yo I told you cats Evaporate, the bullets went through ya
I assume always shit talking and analyzing rhymes
I got a smart mouth, I used to beatbox for Einstine
Line after line my mind has more storage space
I'm massive, you just some kid with a deformed face
fuckin waste, yo Dutch you dead wrong
These chickenheads are stupid can't understand my songs
I speak the slang of the modern-day caveman
throw your crew out, chop their head off a (???)
My flames been on, tell me I ain't live
I'll strap a bomb on my chest.... and stage dive
I thrive off keepin' your sister's breat in my palm
And I got pictures of her on

[Hook - 2X]