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Artist: E-40 f/ Ice-T
Album:  The Ball Street Journal 
Song:   Earl 
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[Intro/Chorus: E-40 X2] 
Ex D-Boy used to sell that girl
Now, they know my name all across the world
They say Earl, EARL!!
They say Earl, EARL!!

[Verse One: E-40]
I'm from Vallejo, California, land of the homer
Sides lost lives, politics and drama
Over supersize, thump young in a hornya
Watch out for that boy in the hoodie, man, he a monster
Light a sucker up, fried buster like Chimichanga
Somebody come scoop his ass, call a coroner
I guess that's the way we bread
Chemical babies mislead
It's spooky out here in the Yay
These goblins will get on your head
These thundacat's management ain't scared to be deceased
They always cover up they ears
When I'm yelling and hollering out peace!
They going through it, they cranky, stressed out and tense
They starving, they hungry, they eating soup with chopsticks
Plus, it's a shortage on purple, and it's a drought on them bricks
So he'll go decide to do a kick door, and pull a few licks
Some of them parents on drugs, some of them never been loved
Some of them want to be thugs, some of them just need a hug

[Chorus: E-40 X2] 

[Verse Two: E-40]
I'ma be around for a minute
So get used to it, I was through with it
Before most of you marshmallows knew want to do with it
Pushing them zones, serving that drome
Balling like I play hoop with it
Never at home, always be gone
Doing a show on the verse split
Let it be known, I tote my chrome
Refuse to get caught loose with it
Looking down at my shoe with it, I'ma real baboon with it
40 over there slipping, he snoozing, he ain't wake
He looking like a plate, he chipped up and draped
You fuck niggaz got me fucked up, nigga, I'm a shooter
Think about the consequences, nigga, I got gouda
And niggaz with gouda will send a nigga, fuck a case
Cause niggaz with gouda will have your whole family erased
But that ain't something I endorse, I only wore it by force
I'm trying to teach the youth to be loyal and play sports
Instead of in and out of court
And back and forth to prison, utilize they skills
And stay up out the system

[Chorus: E-40 X2] 

[Hook: E-40 X2]
I'm from Vallejo, California
The land of the homer
Sides lost lives, politics and drama
Sides lost lives, politics and drama
Sides lost lives, politics and drama

[Outro: Ice-T]
E-40 nigga, this ain't no motherfucking news to you, man
This nigga been running the motherfucking Yay
Running the motherfucking Bay for years now, nigga
These niggaz don't play, this is Vallejo, California
Nigga, you heard about it
Iceberg, nigga