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Artist: E-40 f/ Cousin Fik
Album:  The Ball Street Journal
Song:   I Can Sell It
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Man I can sell anything mane (anything mane)
I got the mouth piece of a pimp

Who want it
Who want it
I can sell it
I can sell it
Who need it
Who need it
I can sell it
I can sell it
I got a gold mouthpiece
I can sell it (2x's)
Holla at me in the streets
I can sell it (2x's)

I can sell a flat tire to a bike
A left to a right
A root beet to a sprite
A dick to a dyke
A mute to a mic
Wind to a kite
Dark to bright
A shadow to a light
Cheese to pizza
Slut to a diva
Stripes to a zebra
Spots to a cheetah
Tall can to a liter
Sell sound to a speaker
A bucket to a Beemer
A scam to a schemer
Sell love to hate
The truth to lies
Sell real to fake
Sell shit to flies
Sell gas to Texaco
Insurance to Geico
Tank full of petro
Minutes to metro
Hill billy like Jethro
Magazines Street though
Screaming that Hillside (Hillside)
Straight up out the Valley Joe
It's Sick Wid It
In case you suckas didn't know
I can sell snow to a ski slope (Biatch)


[Cousin Fik]
I can sell mud to a worm
Sell a pimp a perm
Knock a bitch on a straight path
Sell her a term
Sell fire to a match
Ice to a freezer
Sell itch to a scratch
Sell credit to a VISA
Sell the club for street weed
Zip for zip
And fly to Iraq & sell extra clips
Sell sand to the beach
Fuzz to a peach
Get double for each
Sell lips to a leach
I can sell Buffy some ass
A bum some trash
Sell trees in a forest
Sell a yard some grass
Sell the future to the past
A blind man some glasses
Miles to a car
Cigar some ashes
Sell wool to a sheep
Dead man some sleep
I can sell some best friends some beef
I can sell a shark some teeth
I got a nigga's nigga
Yall can get it from me


I can sell grapes to a vineyard
Chicken to the colonel
Keys to a custodian
Speed to turbo
Kicks to Beckham
Skills to a veteran
Pills to Excedrin
Joy to depression
Sell a bar some drinks
A coat to a mink
Sell some thoughts to a thinker
Psychologists to a shrink
I can sell weight to a gym
11 times outta 10
Sell rain to a storm
Sell blow to a horn

[Cousin Fik]
Look I can sell sugar to a cake
Water to a lake
Shoes to a snake
Shake to a quake
Wings to a boat
Sleeves to a coat
A page to a book
Some crimes to a crook
I can sell thin to frail
A shell to a snail
White to pale
Off to a scale
Grind to a block
Time to a clock
Silent to a rock
Detox to a knock