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Artist: E-40 f/ Lil' Mo
Album:  The Best of E-40
Song:   Thick & Thin
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*Lil' Mo harmonizes for first 0:20*}

[Chorus: Lil' Mo]
I just wanna be your Superwoman
Wanna keep you goin, wanna make you smile
I'm the one that's gon' be faithful to ya
Never doubt you, c'mon, let me show you how
Baby don't you know you drive me crazy
Got to have you baby, cause I love your style
Boy I'm never gonna let you go
Gotta let you know, you can stop right now

Through thick and thin, to the end
If I ran out of money, no dividends?
If I had to do time, if I was up in the pen
Would you still be my lady, would you still be my friend?
No matter how tough it get, no matter whatever matter
Are you gon' still have my back like a chiropractor?
Through sickness, through health, for better for worse
'Til the day that they haul me off in a hearse?
Our world is as big as we make it
Let's make the best of it darling, let's celebrate it
We too real to be phony, why should we fake it?
We too young to be lonely, let's elevate it
We can reach for the stars, the outer limits
Would you share with me if you had the winning lottery ticket?
I need the kind of broad that they don't make
The kind that know how to cook and communicate


I'm not a Rescue Ronnie, I'm a mack-a-roni
My mack game is impeccable, no baloney
But you done whipped it on a player so tough
so much it make a player wanna put his pimp cup up
I be hardheaded, superthug
You want me at home, but I be at the club
Gettin whiskey'd and perkin and gettin tilt
But at the club is where e'rybody be gettin killed
I'm a mannish person, superperkin
This is how I eat momma, see I be networkin
I stay in the traffic, I'm all about my G's
Put your clothes on darling, let's go to Tommy T's
The Comedy Club, up in the Contra Costa
Off of Willow Pass Road, up in Concord
I ain't a pretty boy, and I ain't ugly
If a broad got up in my face would you scratch her up for me?


[Lil' Mo]
Now I ain't never gonna let you go
No no, never never gonna let you go, nah-ha
I ain't never gonna let you go
Gotta let you know, we can stop right now

You remind me of my favorite instrument a guitar
Or my favorite vehicle, a Chevy SSR
I'm a turf superstar we go together like a drink and the bar
Like Tiger Woods and the back nine par, trust dat
I know you the type to stand tall through it all
Let's splurge a little, let's me and you hit the mall
I get you the Stella McCartney jeans and books
You get me the Steve Harvey line collection suit
We can juggle some bills and use our skills
We can sell a few pills and make a few deals
However whatever to get the scrill
Whatever it takes for us to get over the hill

[Chorus] - 2X

[Lil' Mo]
You can stop right now
We ain't gotta wait 'til tomorrow
Not another second, not another minute, yeah
You can stop right now
Right right now
Right right right right now
Rriiiiiiiiiiiiight now, yeah