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Artist: E-40
Album:  Breakin News
Song:   That's a Good Look 4 U
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Uhh... that's a good look for you

(That's a good look for me!) I'm on another level
Rose gold Roley with the yellow diamond bezel mayne
(That's a good look for you!) Are you referrin
to the ESV Escalade with the chrome spinnin shoes?
(That's a good look for me!) Look at the way I'm movin
I'm flippin hella units, nigga this is mob music
(That's a good look for you!) Got up out the game
Still spittin major slang, holla at'cho potnah mayne!

Uhh, see the crib, see the car, see the fast life
See the pigs, see the medallion on my chest right
This ain't theatrical pimpin mayne this is real life
I spit the scriptures with vision mayne real pimpish like
You like to slap this in yo' truck cause it's real right
Hit 'em hard, never bend like a steel pipe
Blow them P's to smithereens when I strike the light
Shockin all exp-luh-explosive on the mic (explosive on the mic)
What a MIT mean, merkin off that bay-oh-bee-6
Off 7 cups, drinkin Incredible Hulks
You can tell by the lingo and the way that a player walk
There's somethin about him it's the way that that player talks
Whoa - watch the game unfold it's so cold (it's so cold)
Colder than a six-pack of soda with froze flows (with froze flows)
Bright idea with the wrong gang with lowest goals
is like tryin to get on yo' feet with no toes


That's a good look for me! Born and brought up on the turf
Played the game for what it's worth 'til they take me in a hearse
I'm tryin to eat! I'm a turf hog
Vet in the game I had, music on the shelf
For at least a high 16, me and my car and my cabinet
And everybody on my team stackin green
Now that's a good look for us! Gotta know who to trust
In game we trust, keep it on the low mayne
Live one rule no names discussed
Real hogs makin noise in the game is us
And it's not a good look for you to hate on us
I got a clique, that got a few thangs that click
I'm tryin to make this presidential greenish flip
Cause it's a good look for me to stack my chips
And I'm chillin, I'm tryin to feed all my chil'ren
So I can get both of my lil' niggaz at least a million


{*coughing*} Back woods!
Tobacco paper and turtle and Canadian herbal
Me and my people and my weeple gathered up in a circle
Jokin and laughin and smilin, all in the parking lot whylin
(That's a good look for me!) Flowmaster pipes
Look at the stripes on the hood, look at the wood on my dash
Look how I punch on the gas, look at the way that I'm mashin
and dashin dippin and glidin slippin and slidin
Bouncin and skatin and figure-eightin and drivin
And all out the window campaignin drinkin and sidin
(That's a good look for you!) All the ladies like me
They Dig-Dug me, they love me, they kiss and hug me
Suckers be hatin and plottin, schemin to mug me
Wishin and hopin and dreamin that they can fuck with me
(That's not a good look for y'all!) Not at all mayne
1300th block, Hillside magazine!

[Chorus] - 2X