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Artist: E-40
Album:  Breakin News
Song:   One Night Stand
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Y'all ready to get this thing started (YEAH)
Y'all ready to get crunk (YEAH)
Aww Shit

Lets go baby girl, Let's go
Lets get the muther fucking flow, baby girl let's girl
Everybody in the club got the flow for sho'
Some mother fuckers slap on backs for sho'
Now let's go
Let's go baby girl, Let's go
Let's get the muther fucking flow, baby girl let's girl
All my niggaz in the club got the flow for sho'
Some mother fuckers slap on backs for sho'
Now let's go

  [DJ Kayslay]
I don't think y'all understand whats about to go down right now
DJ Kayslay the drama king in the building with my nigga E-40
Yo Rick Rock, this is cracking right here baby
I need everybody to turn this shit up loud as you can
And rock to this shit like never before, Let's go!!

Never running out of lingo
Forty water right back at 'em with another single
Money longer than the neck on a flamingo
twenty-thosand on a bet in a casino
I got a partner on parol  that just got out of Chino
Not a rookie but a vet, like Dan Marino
My favorite actor on the set, Al Pacino
This is a heater man, hot, like jalepeno
Follow the leader
Forty from Califoolya, you hear it and you speago
My life ain't no cartoon, i'ts not animated like Zito
High like a hot air ballonist, i'm just an opportunist
The sooner the better you let me know you we can do this

Exuse me lady I've been looking at you from over here
I was wondering if I could buy you a beer and maybe later we can cut
I don't wanna be your man, I don't wanna be, let's have a one night stand
I know I don't know you and stuff but maybe we can get to know each other
over a couple glasses of whatever in this cup
I don't wanna go and dance, I don't wanna, let's have a one night stand.

Let's get it cracking like some broken bones, money mackin'
Talking on those burnt out phones, Cadallackin'
Wood grain dash and doors and floor mats
Good game, cash, I stash and store raps
PS2 clarity, diamond watches, super bad botches
Ankler and Cotches and Choppers fresh out the boxes
I like to polish my rims and tires, hundred spoke wires
With Armorol baby wipes because them Daytons require
Nothing but the best on flesh, just like sex
Rubbin lotion all on her Gluteus Maximus
I don't see no ring, all I see is miss sixty jeans
Walking through the club like she ready to do some things
Full of that turtle got Forty smelling like skunk
But everybody know you can't smell yourself when your drunk
Posted at the bar lookin like a star, I ghetto ball
Two way me your number, I'll give a player a call


This is for my folks in Zalets and all my guys
There's a new rapper in town, E-40's on the rise
Known for having Sic Wid It records and Jive ties
Business man, always at work like Barry Wise
The guy with all the slang in the game, up out the Yeh
Gorillas, Marie world Africa USA, ya feel us
Its sick out here in the Bay where we stay
We killas, I wish someone would come and pray
Live life like their ain't no tommorow, ain't no tommorow
Life is something that you can't borrow, that you can't borrow
Every days a holiday, every day man we celebrate
Every day we modulate, every day man we perculate