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Artist: E-40
Album:  Breakin News
Song:   Pharmaceutical Outro
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Ugh, I heated up like an electric blanket [electric blanket]
I'm drunk as fuck
And I'm wounded and my breath stankin' [breath stankin']
I ain't gettin' this twisted
Holdin' on like a hubcap in the fast lane, in the car pool lane
Puffin' on some maryjane
Me and a couple of my commrads man
We some fools like dat
We live for dis
Ghetto, Gutter, and Gangsta shit like Mack Dime
I'm one vigorous sons of a bitch mayne I'm bout mine
Y'all know what I'll be doin' if I didn't know how to rhyme
Y'all know that the Water would still be out there on the grind
Shovlin', hustlin'
Livin' the dark side life of crime [life of crime]
Money and musclin'
Never workin' a 9 to 5 [9 to 5]
Rubber bullets and tear gas here come the task [task]
Lookin' for yayo in my coffee table harass [harass]
Me and my family on our naval layin' in the grass [grass]
Diggin' and chokin' from the pepper spray that they blast [That they blaaast]
They burnin' theyself out
They runnin' outta things to say
So they rely on WHO! E-40 Belafonte
The innovator, the king of the yay
The money motivator bustin' like a Chinese AK
Game poker rhyme sayer
The alpha and omega of the...RAP GAME
Playa from the hill Vallejo
My dictionary book of slang done finally came
Brought to you by Murder Dog Magazine, Magazine?
Magazine like my street
15 years in the game and I still ain't reach my peak
Be on the look out for the History channel me and $hort
Slidin', dippin' in my super sport
Glidin', tryin' to stay afloat like the love boat
Ridin' away, misbehave
Hit the turtle, blow some smoke man
Oh shoot I'm gone
I'm poked out
I'm twisted, stoned
I'm ugh
Talkin' bout the Pharmaceutical's biaaatch [The Pharmaceutical's]
Stovetop Productions, heavy on the grind intergamin' [intergamin']
Droopy on the beat
4-0, buy some
Wit the hurry up biaaatch
The Pharmaceutical's [The Pharmaceutical's?]
Yeah pimp, The Pharmaceutical's [Who is The Pharmaceutical's?]
Pimpin', that's my production team mayne
I thought you thought
On the planet earth nigga
Don't get it twited