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Artist: E-40 and Too $hort
Album:  History: Function Music
Song:   Everyday
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: E-40 ]
I was raised with honey badgers, my honey badgers 'don't care'
Out here they play the game of death, truth or dare
For real, block monsters like Creature Feature
Look like a plate? They gon' eat ya
Maney motherfuckes, never been to a club
Hard as nails, no sensitive thugs
I like ghetto booty broads that be doin they thing
Take care of they business, keep they coochie clean
Brazilian wax, good hygene
Miss Sixty jeans, POParazzi earrings
I got a duffle full of scrilla, on my way to re-up
With a 'JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS' sticker on my truck
Soil celebrity, heavy in this bitch
Professional hustler, there's a science to this
He started with nothin, ended up with a lot
Got a record label, barber shop and a Maybach

[ CHORUS: Vgo D'Artiste (2X) ]
(Stunt hard cause I)
Get dough everyday
(I'm the shit cause I)
Get dough everyday
(Hit a lick, nigga)
Get dough everyday
(Hit your bitch cause I)
Get dough everyday

[ VERSE 2: Too $hort ]
If you love gettin money say 'Hell yeah!'
(Hell yeah!)
Let's do this shit
You mad the right choice if you're choosin, bitch
You could leave if you ain't gettin down
But you'll never be a square cause you get around
So you might as well go with Short
Reached in my pocket, had a roll of dough
No 20's and 10's, just 50's and 100's
I get it everyday, it ain't nothin if I want it
Cause I hustle for the money
Spit a little game, now she want me
I make it everyday, and every night I get mo'
You don't need to be my hoe
I get fetti, bitch
Pimp game is a gift
But I don't really use it for the same old shit
I'm on that corporate level, executive
My secretary is a naked bitch

[ CHORUS: Vgo D'Artiste (2X) ]

[ VERSE 3: E-40 ]
Can't let 'em take me off my square, can't let 'em get to a fixture
Throw my life away over a fuck nigga
Born and raised in the Bay, I stay tucked, nigga
Fuck with me you'll gon' pay, I'll buck a nigga
Money mackin and stackin, what's happenin, mobbin and mashin
And if it wasn't for rappin then I would probably be trappin
Trappin, no matter what, I stay packin
Blastin, if they run up I'm clappin
[ Too $hort ]
Round of applause, no hesitation
Instantaneous devastation
Everybody runnin, we just tryina get money
If you don't want none, you a dummy
You look bummy, still live with your mommy
You don't know how to hustle, can't get shit from me
Don't even ask when you see us
Cause me and 40, we just

[ CHORUS: Vgo D'Artiste (2X) ]