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Artist: E-40
Album:  My Ghetto Report Card
Song:   Do Ya Head Like This
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Beotch! Look out pimp
Uhh, uhh

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Do ya head like this {*repeat 4X fast*}
Do ya head like this {*repeat 4X fast*}
Do ya head like this {*repeat 4X fast*}
Do ya head like this {*repeat 4X fast*}

Chalupas fresh like pilates, I'm tryin to sell a few million copies
Some of my niggaz done beat a few cases
Some of my niggaz done caught a few bodies
Out here we ridin them scrapers, turnin mo' heads than them Maseratis
Havin mo' fame than them there Ferraris
Sellin that 'caine and that there Qadafi
The life of the fuckin party, Bacardi Light and Bacardi Dark
Triple sec and that grenadine and that pineapple juice and parsley
Go up and bite that ass like a shark, upside down frown
Better put your tongue in park, 'fore I lay your hoe-ass down
This some of that merk music
This some of that struggle rap and that mayhem
Keep it slappin that bass sound
Cause we work up out of that basement
We do it on the turf stupid, with my d-boys in the background
The Elroys on the crackdown, hurry up and put that crack down
Drivin & strikin & dippin & glidin & skatin & scootin & slidin
Rhymin & grindin & timin & climbin & shinin like we some diamonds
Shakin & bakin the cake & then makin my hustlers out here buy in
Whole thangs and them half thangs, you know that I'm supplyin


I'll be drivin like a daredevil (a daredevil?)
I'll be there in a minute
My blood alcohol level? (level?)
Three times the legal limit
My potnahs keep sayin that I got a hole in my lip
Cause I got, liquor stains all over my t-shirt and shoes 'n shit
My bitch want me to give up my drinkin and smokin dope
I told that hoe to shut up and take this dick down her throat
In kindergarten my teacher used to rinse my mouth out with soap
Cause my mouth was too foul, she didn't like the way that I spoke
After school I would hit the block and go and purchase some chalk
Triples singles and double-ups, me and all of my folks
I wore my hair like a fool, didn't give a fuck or a care
Every New Year's Eve I like to bust in the air
Ride with potato peelers, staplers and roto-tillers
Me and my family members, killers and dope dealers
Berettas and Desert Eagles always pullin them triggers
You don't want complications, don't be fuckin with niggaz


Watch out now
My woofers sub like Quizno's (Quizno's) - ask my cousin
(Ask my cousin) He a B-Dog, his car look like Robitussin
I'm just me y'all, I stay up out the way (out the way)
My set trip, but we don't bang in the Bay
I'm on that Remi and that Gran Ma' 'gnac, as we speak
Been twisted, dang near e'ry day, 7 days a week
For a, about a month straight, write it and report it
Did it big last night, but today I'm payin for it (oooh)
My bitch supposed to come and scoop me up this mornin
I can't drive (why?) I got a warrant (you got a warrant)
And e'ry Elroy in the town know my face
Cause they know I'm havin yetti and I pump that BASS
We buy up the malls and treat our hoes like shit
On Valentine's, all we give they ass is dick
I'm gettin mines, always stickin to the script
And if you with this movement, pimpin do ya head like this