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Artist: E-40 f/ B-Legit, Stressmatic
Album:  My Ghetto Report Card
Song:   Gouda
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*money counting machine runs, stops, then beeps*}

Sick Wid it Records, BME, Warner Bros.
The machinery, YAY! {*"Psycho" style shriek starts*}
Oooooh, look out pimp!
Heavy on the Grind Entergainment, Stove Top Productions

Oooooh, Hustlers 'R Us
My game sharper than the elephant's tusk
Me myself and I the only one that I can trust
Sleep with one eye open, finger on my pistol clutch
I got my hand in everything, I'm real instrumental
I'm as real as they come, ain't got no bitch per-tential
When I was comin up, there's certain things we don't allow
Like long fingernails, and men archin they eyebrow
Here's another thing I don't condone and don't approve
How all of a sudden snitchin became cool? (I don't know)
I'm gamed up, I be chewin on this mack granite
O.G. J.B. stomp down, lace the nigga, 'sposed to never panic
I bump the baddest broad in the whole facilitation
All by way of mouthpiece, just by mind manipulation
I can make it look like I'm at my best when I'm at my worst
Persuade a broad to put on the dress, and break her for her purse

[Chorus: Stressmatic] + (E-40)
Ten racks in a rubber band (Gouda)
Got three or fo' mo' in my other hand (Gouda)
It sound like (5, 10, 15, 20 - GOUDA)
(25, 30, 35, 40 - CHALUPA)
Gettin money I'm a stunna man (Gouda)
In the Nike shoebox like a hundred grand (Gouda)
It sound like (45, 55, 65, 75 - GOUDA)
It sound like (85, 95, wait what am I doin? - CHALUPA)

A day in the life on the soil in Cali-scrillya
Take the wrong turn and these youngsters out here'll kill ya
The law ain't concerned, they love us hustlers and dealers
They wanna tear our houses down so they can build some arquillas
Oooooh - wow! Just tryin to get my point across
Where I'm from it's pandemonium and chaos
Where I'm from the lights is off, we use matches
Where I'm from we do it barefaced instead of ski-masks
Caw-caw-caw-caw, no more talkin on them cells
I heard the fed-a-rel went ahead and bought NexTel
{*chirp*} Oooooh - overcrowded jails
They got us sleepin in the gym instead of our own cells
Oooooh - put our yetti together
Me and my investors, we flippin 10 or better
I got some gouda, got a little bit of cheddar
My medallion got mo' colors than the peacock feather


Gettin money I'm a stunna man (stunna man)
Move a bitch like I do new whips, up out the stunna van (stunna van)
Might as well, she a runner man (a runner man)
Off top, I'm a boss, shoebox full of rubber bands
Contraband on the other hand (other hand)
Big guns, big clips, kinda railroads to the man (to the man)
On the realla I'm a gentleman (gentleman)
Fuck the scrilla I'm a killer man, hit her like my little man
Little man, what'chu doin with that?
For the scratch we can load up the 'llac
A-1 we can bring that back, from day one, we get them racks
Big stacks in the back of the shack
Ayyyy; I bob and weave in
Hella turkey bags just to put my weed in
OHH! We gettin chalupa
Wrap cheese in a rubber band, callin it gouda - ay!


Look out pimp! {*repeat and reverse*}

Get gettin it, so what'cha need is (Gouda)
Big business, so what'cha need is (Chalupa)
We gettin it, so what'cha need is (Gouda)
Ice glistenin, so what'cha need is (Chalupa)
Get gettin it, so what'cha need is (Gouda)
Big business, so what'cha need is (Chalupa)
We gettin it, so what'cha need is (Gouda)
Sick Wid It, so what'cha need is (Chalupa)

[E-40: repeat 2X]
We doin way too much (Gouda)
We never watered down, we doin way too much (Gouda)
Ah you don't wanna stunt with us (Gouda)
Hustlers 'R Us we doin way too much (Chalupa)


[Outro: E-40]
Oooooh - the definition of Gouda
What's the definition? Chalupa, scrilla scratch paper
Yaper, capital, the definition
Gouda means cheese
And cheese means yaper you squares
Square butts
Let's get back to what we was talkin 'bout earlier
What was we talkin 'bout earlier peeyimp?
Hustlers, Hustlers 'R Us
Uh-oh, OUCH! Oooooh, oooooh
Look out! Look out pimp