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Artist: E-40 f/ Bosko
Album:  My Ghetto Report Card
Song:   Just Fuckin
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[E-40]  What's goin on momma? I don't know why you trippin
[Bosko] I don't know why you act this way, this way
[E-40]  You already knew what it was from the beginnin
[E-40]  You know how we've been gettin down
[Bosko] I know you want this too
[E-40]  We just friends right?
[Bosko] We should never stop what we do
[E-40]  We got a good thing goin baby

[Chorus: Bosko]
We're not in love but we pretennnnd
We both know we're just fu-ckin (we're fuckin)
The situation's a win-win (it's a win-win)
We both know we're just fu-ckin (we're fuckin)

Oooh; thick like a big bowl of grits, big tits good looks
I knew you had some good gush gush
Cause you look like you did and I can tell it was bomb (what type)
The type of broad to squirt when she bust a nut and she cum
You said you know I got a man but he ain't treatin me fair
He always gone plus he never take me nowhere
I said what'chu tryin to tell me, he act like you don't exist?
Yup and when he come home he smell like liquor and fish
Fool don't know what he missin, he tardy and lame
But that's his loss, and it's my game
You got a mean throat game and your coochie is serious
Pussy so good I fuck you on your peroid
Naw we ain't in love but we can damn sho' pretend to be
Get a sack of that broccoli and a bottle of Hennessy
Check into a room at the Fairfield Inn (and then what)
Fire up some purple, let the beatings begin (oooh)

[Chorus w/ different ad libs]

Your girlfriends is jealous and sexually frustrated
So of course they hated after you told 'em how I ate it
And you know what they say about fellas with big feet
So why you wanna put my business out in the street?
They already give me extra long hugs and shit (what else)
They want your position, they tryin to scoot you up out of it
Take your foot of the gas, I thought we had an arrangement
You missin the point, it ain't gon' be no engagement
You need to play your position, or you out of the game
You testin my mackin, you out of yo' range
We just fuck-buddies, I'm just stickin and bonin ya
Get somewhere with that dumb shit, stick to the formula
I'll come over later when your kids asleep
And do some nasty things that they gon' have to bleep
Give it to you good, while he out there trickin
Make your man say, "Girl yo' coo-coo feel different!"

[Chorus w/ different ad libs]

[E-40] We just fuckin

Baby please stop the whinin
Let me tear out your linin
Orgasms multiplyin
Until the sun is shinin
On-ly a fool would throw this a-wayyyyyyyyyyy (ooooh)

[Chorus w/ E-40 ad libs too]

[E-40] We just fuckin

[Bosko] + (E-40)
Don't act like you want this to end
I know you don't, know you don't (oooh)
We both know we're just fu-ckin, we're fuckin (We just fuckin sweetheart)   
We can do this and still be friends, we can still be friends                              
(Yeah, we can still be friends)
We both know we're just fu-ckin, we're fuckin (we just fuckin)
Just let me do ya baby (just let me do ya)
Just let me screw ya baby (let me screw ya)
I swear I'll fuck you all night, I'll fuck you so right

You know, I'll come through
I got the Astroglide, I got the larger size prophylactics
Lifestyle, oowop edition you smell me?
It's therapeutic and healin
You know we got a certain chemistry sweetheart
I come through the turf the other day
Y'knahmean they scream out - here for the hemp list
Here for the hemp list
I go pick up a zip, stop by the liquor sto'
Pick up a bottle of Beefeater and {?} grapefruit juice
Cause I know that's yo' favorite, oooh