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Artist: E-40 f/ Kandi Girl, T-Pain
Album:  My Ghetto Report Card
Song:   U and Dat
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus One: T-Pain]
Girl I've been shakin, stickin and movin
Tryin to get to youuuuu and that booty {*3X*}
Girl I've been shakin and actin a donkey
Tryin to get to youuuuu and that monkey {*3X*}

[Chorus Two: T-Pain]
Girl he's simpin, simpin
Walk up in the club with a limp and, limp and
Girl listen
What'cha gon' doooooo with this pimpin {*2X*}
Girl I'ma call ya, call ya
Later on tonight or tomorrow, morrow
Now follow
What'cha gon' doooooo with this baller {*2X*}

E-40, T-Pain, ooooh
What'chu gon' do when I bend the block
Pull up on that ass in a brand new drop
Speakers on blast with tremendous knock
TV's in the dash, rims just won't stop
You need to be down with a pimp like me
I ain't turnin down nuttin but my collar ya see
I'ma leave you with my number you should holla at me
Cause I'm a baller can't nobody hustle harder than me

[Chorus One]

Oooooh, big ass is right
I ain't tryin to let that pass me tonight
I'ma put my bid in and tell you somethin slick
Whisper in your ear while I'm holdin my dick
I don't mean no harm, it's the hood in me
Sippin on that real sharp Hennessy
Psychadelic colors in my jewelry
Suckers hella jealous cause you're diggin me
Oooh - now what'chu gon' do momma?
I'm tryin to dip later on, me and you momma
I like the way that you groove when you move momma
You know the women love me, I'm the 40-Water!
Poppin my P's cause I'm laced with game
Nothin but the Yay flowin through my veins
She wears Miss Sixty can't fit into Gucci
Cause her ass big enough to sit a cup on her booty

[Chorus One]

[Kandi Girl]
Yeah I see you lookin, lookin
But my ass in these jeans got you shooken, shooken
I don't think you know what to dooooo with this pussy
What'chu gon' dooooo with this pussy
Yeah I know you want this, want this
Try to chase me through the club for this good shit, good shit
But I don't think you can hannnnnndle this pussy
What'chu gon' dooooo with this pussy

You lookin like you got that good gushy gushy
Fuck around with me I'll beat the brakes off that pussy
Have your ass comin like a porno star movie
Tell your friends and I bet they all wanna do me
Hoes know me, I'm E-4-oh
They recognized pimpin when I stepped in the do'
Higher than a satellite, full of that 'dro
Holla at a player when you're ready to go!

[Chorus One]