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Artist: E-40 f/ Kanye West, Ice Cube
Album:  Tell Me When to Go (Remix) 12"
Song:   Tell Me When to Go (Remix)
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[Intro: E-40]
REMIX! (Ayyyyy!)
Ay man, ay it's by popular demand pimp, I need a fix, man
Dey demandin a remix, man!
(A remix, pimp? A remix!)
It's confirmed like a Don King perm (yeah, HA)
You got ya boy E-40, you got Kanye West

[Chorus: (Keak Da Sneak) E-40]
(Tell me when to go) Tell me when to go
(Tell me when to go) Tell me when to GOOOOOOO...
*repeat 2X*
("Dumb" "Dumb" "Dumb" "Du-du-dumb" - Run-D.M.C.)

This {?} colored slushie got me feelin like da Man of Steel
Energy hyphy drink (drink); spinner steerin wheel
Mardi Gras beads around my neck (neck), invisible set
Pull-outs (pull-outs!) diamonds on my mouth (BLING)
Rally stripes, hustle cars, vans and campers (campers)
My dude got handle bars, get out yer cameras (get out yer cameras)
Wet the tar down, break out the crates (oooh...)
We on the swerve ice skatin, doin figure eights (ERRRH!!!)
The King of Slang, they call me Ebonics ('bonics!)
I get stupid and dumb like Just Ice and Mantronix
("Dumb-dumb...") ...hear me out (out!)
The first motherfucker to even SPEAK about a "Drought" (uh-huh)
40, ya fool, I heard he's growin out his hair (yeah)
Sweaaar - yea, he takin it dere
UUHHH! (UUHHH!) - it's party music
Get used to it - the hyphy music!


[E-40 - briefly over chorus]
Who you know could get Kanye West on the remix?
(OOOOOH!) Ay 'Ye, you know they love you in the Yay, boy!
(Ay) Speak on it!

[Kanye West]
Ay, ay pimp, it's 'Ye, pimp
40 told me dey fuckin wit me in The Bay, pimp
So I'ma, ride down with the do's open (do's open manye)
Yeah - that's what'll get the hoes open (hoes open manye)
High-inch stilettos wit the toes open (toes open)
Yeah - and any haters get they nose broken (ooooh)
Now, tell me when to go, tell me where the hoes
You told me they was cold, now you act like the don't know like -
...Ummmmmmm (ummmm), Ummmmmm (ummmm)
I'ma hit the liquor sto', I'ma be on the low
I'ma have my hoodie on (yeah)
Call out my name and you know dey gon' go ("Dumb") (Dumb!)
You fuckin up my mode manye (mayne)
I tell you only call me by my code name (code name)
Dey al'edy recognize me from my gold chain (gold chain)
The same one I gave Keyshia Cole manye (Cole mayne)
Now go duuumb, like ‘Coe
on Martin, I'm retarded ('ey!)


[Ice Cube]
YAY, tell me when to go, niggaz get sick (yeah!)
Ice Cube on the mic, fifty-one-fifty (Ha!)
Nuttin but a fool, y'all know who wit me (yeah!)
A West Coast nigga named E-Fo' Liquor (oooh...)
We can drink malt liquor til the party get thicker (uh!)
Then I get sicker, and go-go dealer (Ayyyyy!)
Rollin thru the bank, doors open manye
Freaks on the side, walk hopin mayne
that dey can jump in, get a lil' sum-thin (uh)
Yo Geronimo, bitch cause I gotta go! (AYY!)
Burn rubber, leave it in the streets
Leave it them dope-ass Little Jon beats (yeah)
(Oooooh!) To make you go berserk 'til it hurts
Put in work, if you're scared "Go to Church" (yeah)
Shake them dreads nigga, FUCK them feds
I'm wit the E-4-Oh! (yea) Tell me when to go..