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Artist: Edo.G & Pete Rock 
Album:  My Own Worst Enemy
Song:   Voices
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Yo, y'all know me, fresh parolee
Come home to a Cadillac truck and rollie
Them young homies, they pay me like they owe me
or die defendin ice like a goalie
I slow dance with the money, grind slowly
The system ain't corrupt, it's unholy
My PO can't control me, solely, cause she phony
Been married to the game, twenty years of matrimony
Snitches got the words, they sing like karaoke
Back and forth to court, damn that almost broke me
So now I play the low key
A PROVEN veteran, and none of y'all can coach me
You got questions, I'm the worst one to ask
You got beef, the first one to blast
Cause all the dirt from my past
Seen my life flash when lights flash, how long will my life last?

[Chorus: Pete Rock]
Yo, I hear voices, many make choices
Go all out, time to show 'em where the force is
New York to Boston, we strive for the best
Worldwide, North, South, East and the West (...sing a sad song)
Keep rising above, from the heart we show love
It's my life, time to get my mind right
Stay focused and avoid confrontations (..lick ya lighters up)
It's Edo.G spittin real situations

Yo I gotta get my mind right, my plan ain't designed right
to find light, start a fire on a dry night
I watch you with excitement like a highlight
Lived a high life, probably die trife
But it's my life, filled with images
The snake that you fuckin with is venomous
Our love limitless, but to everyday 
struggles of life, made the whole shit strenuous
Now it's hard for us to coexist
Cause we been there already and both know the risk
I'm on your short list, throwin me with restraining orders
..and wanna put me on the court list
No strings attached like a cordless
Child support, I can't afford this
You see clear, got thousands in the rear
But you love to see fear and I shed tears


Uh-uh... I couldn't imagine
The gun flashin, bullets hit 'em to a backspin
No compassion, company still cashin
That's why I'm rashin, hoodied up like it's fall fashion
When they breakin you a small ration
It's only FUNNY when we all laughin
When the monies all cashed in, and it's a equal playing field
Eyes are stayin peeled on a off-duty cop
with a weapon that's concealed, never show they shield
But pulled out his gat, put one in his back
He got a harder style, didn't get no charges filed
So he got a larger smile
And he laughin at us, didn't get no bad press
Fuck his status cause we know his address
There ain't no getaway route
We 'bout to show him a better way out