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Artist: Effect & Dang. 
Album:  The Rap Terminators EP
Song:   Chuck Taylors
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"Need underdog for a nickel shoeshine or the shoes that's phat" <- Q-Tip

Yeah, you might catch Chris walkin down the streets
Skull Candy on my ears, Chucks on my feet
All like, "Fuck!" cause the bar's mad far
Parking sucks, I had to park mad far
The issue with the walk is these goddamn shoes
They hurt like a bitch, but I insist to use
Since I was a lad in nursery school
I want Chuck Taylors Dinosaurs, not blue
Remember Foot Locker when I was five
New sneakers every Easter, but this time cried
Threw a tantrum in the middle of the store
"I ain't want red, I want Dinosaurs!"
My dad kneeled down, anger fully shown
"You can have 'em, but wait 'til I get ya ass home!"
When you're a kid, the mall's mad far, man
So I figured he'd be over the shit by then
Not the case, when we got home, his face
was just about as red as when we left the place
Yeah, I got an ass whoopin but the end result
was I had the dopest Chucks in the park, no doubt!

("Chuck Taylor - you may not know the name
 but you'll DEFINITELY know the shoes.")

"Just a lost soul out walkin the beat"

("Mr. Taylor's been gone since 1969
 but the legend lives on.")

"Rockin Chucks, I don't know why they hurt my feet"

Now I'm pushin 30 and I just can't see
a way to rock Chucks without hurtin my feet
I went out to Cali to visit some peeps
Wore them for a week and got blisters on my feet
I chose to rock black, not blue or red
So I could walk through Cali without gettin my head
blown off, I grew up on N.W.A
So I guess it's better safe than sorry to me, okay?
Don't know how ballplayers rock 'em back in the day
without hatin they life, by the end of the game
I like to believe I don't rock 'em everyday
cause they're fashionable, in some fucked up way
But I rock 'em at parties and I rock 'em at work
I rocked 'em at a wedding, didn't look like a jerk
In fact, I got a blowjob from the bridesmaid
She said I had style, I was like, "Okay~!?"
Now I think about that ass whippin when I was five
and somehow feel prepared me for life
Cause when I think back, the only thing that's stuck
was these Converse black and white All Star Chucks