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Artist: Effect & Dang.
Album:  You Don't Love Me and I Don't Care
Song:   Respect That
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I'm at a point in my career where I'm startin to see
Things are little differently than these young emcees
Not to say that I'm old, it's just somethin that's missing
When I came up, we just did shit different
Ask me to do a track - you need a topic, black!
And "just write some hip-hop shit" ain't that
"Respond 'said I need', so say something like that"
And don't be surprised if I never write back
+Simply Dope+ man, it's all for a rhyme, fam
Like name droppin my shit is gonna get me amped
Hip-hop is fuckin lost and it pisses me off
Like the thought, of Jam-Master Jay gettin shot
Yeah, and we'll never find out shit
That one baffles me moreso than Pac and B.I.G.
put together, I'm so sick of hearin whatever
And these young cats don't know "Tougher Than Leather"
So they disrespect legends when they weaker than pleather
Like you don't know shit, you just tryin to get cheddar
Better get better, for real fam, get it together
The fact nobody is sellin may be for the better
Chances are nowadays if a record is made
Then you did it cause you loved it cause you ain't gettin paid
It's too hard to rap, go back to sellin crack
It's no longer '95, fucker, respect that!

[Chorus: Dr. Dre cuts by Slipwax]
"I don't need your respect", "I do it cause I want to"
"Not to stay in the game", "Fuck the fame, I'm still stayin the same"

It's no longer '95, fucker, respect that!
Though '95 probably don't mean shit to you cats
Smack dab in the middle between young and old
So I don't feel like I can relate to a fuckin soul
Only know what's dope, what the fuck is wack?!
What's on the radio? I ain't the one to ask
Cause I didn't think Timbs would ever go out of style
Still wanna break 'em out every once in the while
Raekwon "Purple Tape", razor blade in the gums
Never did it but I always wondered how it was done
Like Pac in "Above the Rim" talkin 'bout +Pain+
Back when I used to rock a figaro chain
'Til the day when the medallion of Mary holdin Christ
Irony, cause I barely prayed twice in my life
But that shit was in yo, so I rocked it with a fade
All to see the chain was real but the medallion was fake
It's my mistake and on the real what I think I would get
At the Japanese joint next to the fake Polo sweat
See the laugh'll relate, and that's the point of the song
So hear the barkin from a young rapper takin it wrong
So SHH.. SHH... The flow is dumb hard
Get bars thrown at you like T.I.'s gun charge
And if you still wanna rap, just remember that
It's no longer '05, fucker, respect that!


"You know I love hip-hop but..
 at the rate it's goin right now..
 I could do with or without it" - Phife Dawg