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Artist: Elijah Blake f/ The Game, Rick Ross
Album:  Sing For Me (S)
Song:   Sing For Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
She took a gamble with your boy
Now it's Taylor made toy birches the awards
Staying out late copping steaks with your boy
First class duffle bags counting cake with your boy
All I did was buy a new Mercedes with a spoiler
Took it from the hood we jetted to Bora Bora
Swimming in salt water spend a mill before the chorus
Ballin' out bitch, now my net worth enormous
Tats on my chest dead homies on my back
London hotel, penthouse full of racks
Shwag, two stacks for the Bally boots
Name still ringing up and down these aveneues

[Verse 2: Elijah Blake]
Good girls might have gone bad
Funny, you ask me where my heart at
You should already know baby
You got [?]
Everything first class
That's just what I be on
Flashing lights, all in my eyes
Your in my ears like the sweetest smell

[Chorus: Elijah Blake]
I tell her sing for me, she just wanna sing for me
She ain’t bout them love songs, she want that
Sing for me, she just want to sing for me
All up in my air, my air, my air
Keep it right there, right there, right there oh wow

[Verse 3: Elijah Blake]
When you leave coming right back
God forbid if I need it girl you got that
That's what love's for
Flashing lights, all in my eyes
Your in my ear like the sweetest smell


[Verse 4: Game]
You know your boy off Ciroc
Throwing toys off the yacht
Every bar I spit classic like Beans throw up rock
And she fuck with the (boy) cause I have her like..
I got the Franck Muller, Rolex's
Vacheron Constantin in my old Lexus
Hublots in that AP, no Peterson
G-Wagen and we AD
No weed again, so we gonna see my SA home
Take a hit it feel like Cameron oh
And I got it from the Luigi thats my (boy)
This kush have you like..
Now we back on the west side highway S5
Purple clouds I can see Aaliyah and Left Eye
And my Benz truck beating like it's Best Buy