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Artist: Elemental Zazen
Album:  The Glass Should Be Full
Song:   Silence of the Now
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I'm a socialist vocalist
focused on roping the hopeless in
Floating on oceans of broken omens alone again
Holding a rose in a fist closed, devotion thin
Know when a storm is approaching
coping emotions win
Everything's tragic when life's a habit
and your an addict
Consumed by shallow and lavish
steady missing the magic
The disillusionment systematic, drastic & rapid
You can't hide the bruises
excuses under the mattress
Lose it the fastest find shelter in the medication
Unconscious waiting for the doctor to stop operating
Rocking a pocket full of caution for the cost inflation
Flossing and faking with a cross
displayed atop your hating
Escaping on a cloud shrouded in false vows
Here to save the world with the dao
before forgetting how
Another face in the crowd in the race against loud
Silence violence of the now- the final bow

Money, drugs, lies, sex
Greed, lust, murder, stress
Fear, hate, pain, neglect
Guilt, agony, fame, death

Nod your head like the walking dead
High on meds die on beds made of Zion's threads
It won't change until we spy on feds
So fuck a bye-gone the sky gone cause Mayan's lead
Us to the future with a calendar of dates & fates
Intertwined like the church and the state
with a merciless taste
Our blank slates turn to virtue less traits
Conditioned in the mind by hurtful debates
Between our mom and her mates
Or between our father and whoever he dates
And we're left to second guess ourselves
until it's too late
Nobody tells us what compels us is shell that relates
We crawl inside with our pride and rebel till we hate
Blaming the world for what we feel words concealed
So deep within our skin, we'll never begin to reveal
Instead we grin around our friends
and pretend that we heal
Until as men we're apprehensive and don't know when to be real
And that's real