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Artist: EPMD f/ Ice Cube
Album:  St. Ides TV Commercial
Song:   East Meets West Malt Liquor
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[Intro: DJ Pooh Scratching Quotes Below] 
YEAHH ---->
St. Ides ----> DJ Pooh
Down with the.. St. Crooked-I-D-E-S ---> Ice Cube
St. Ides ----> DJ Pooh
Down with the.. with E double ---> Ice Cube
[Erick Sermon]
It's the E-R-I-C-K
Talking about the St. Ides brew
Run through a Can or two 
Share with my crew this magnificent
Plus, it's mellow
I'm funded the rust of the commercial 
And passed the Mic out to my fellow
[Parrish Smith] 
No need for a Mic check 
Bust it, the beats are set
Then grab a forty 
Contumely y'all to snap his neck
St. Ides!! 
Take a sip and wipe your lips
Keep my forties getting warm
I'm audi, gots to fill
[Ice Cube] 
Drink it, drink it, drink it 
Then I burp, after I slurt
Ice Cube, I put in much work
With the PMD and the E
Drunk it, as a St. Ides brew on the door
[Outro: Parrish Smith]
Yeah, EPMD and Ice Cube in the house
Scratching with him one of the funkiest rhymes... {*censored*}
Kick it, kick it, you gots to chill now