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Artist: Esham
Album:  Mail Dominace
Song:   E-Mail
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(Esham Talking)

Verse 1: Esham

Im a Detroit Playa like Biggie Smalls saids,
So I never on tricks thats bald head,
And the car you riding in, I know you loves Black,
Im from Detroit baby, I been test drove back,
And plus you dirty rat, you need a chineese slap,
You say you wanta battle me, but you can't rap
In the new millenium, I hope you all would die,
Cause some of those styles yaw chouse is wild,

3-1-3 (x4)

(Notorious B.I.G. Sample after chrous) "My Deroit Playas"

Verse 2: T.N.T.

From the East out-of-towner, where you find T.N.T.,
With the smoke in my hand,in the fithy reme,
Back 7 M.I.L.E., West to East (Westside)
Hit crashes,
100 spokes,
Hataz wanta me to krash it,
Pus I pack the plastic,
The situation drastic,
Still Political,
Still Poetic Hoe,

(Chorous x4)

Verse 3: Esham

You say you wanta get your gamble on,
Get your bang on,
Slang on,
Get your trick,
And get Gone in the Wind like Ghandie,
Out hunting for a fine little mommy,
Might see "E" on 7 M.I.L.E.,
Manhattan N-Y-C, East Coast,
To Cali,
I be running through this bitch like Barry Sanders,
Detroit underground commander,
Say you bust something,
Disscus someting,
Smoke a little crush something,
Plus ride a little plus on em,

(Chrous x4)

Song Fades