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Artist: Everlast
Album:  Forever Everlasting
Song:   Syndicate Soldier
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[ VERSE 1: Everlast ]
Here we are, my friend
Once again I'm inclined to rhyme on time
So won't you lend me your ear
Cause it's clear to this here has no peer
And if this song was the blues, you'd be sheddin a tear
Like a baby, maybe I shoulda held back
Some of you look shocked, I guess you couldn't tell that
I was here to drop knowledge, college is irrelevant
My next move to prove I'm smooth but still intelligent
Expressin lessons with sheer precision
First hear me out, then make a decision
On whether Everlast knows what time it is
Does this song belong in the rhymin biz?
Yes, I think so cause I'm a pioneer
Blazin the trail across a new frontier
I go the length and grow in strength as I get older
Cause I'm a Syndicate soldier

[ VERSE 2: Everlast ]
All affections left behind
There's two more gears to grind
Before I'm through I'm sure that you will find
A new respect for the rhymes I inject
Through your eardrum, don't play dumb, just let me get to
The point of my address, unless you fear you can't cope
This song is on the tables to make you dance, so
Get up, and if you don't leave the premises
I'm newly recruited, so you can call me a Genesis
Born to perform and please a large crowd of
People at night until my ( ? )
A scandalous brother known for bein treacherous
A sucker made a move and that's the reason Fletcher was
Forced to put his head out, he got too close to me
Two by my side and that's how it's 'posed to be
These are my brothers and they been around me
Since back in the days when the Syndicate found me
They are the people deserve enough credit
As my name gained fame they made sure I wouldn't let it
Go to my head, instead I keep my feet down
Unlike suckers from the past I beat down
Their fatal mistake was to break on my confidence
Overall their fall was due to over-confidence
As we go their egos all start acting with up
With statements of greatness their rhymes aren't backing up
Talking louder as they get bolder
But there's no defense against a Syndicate soldier

[ VERSE 3: Everlast ]
As we reach the final stage some think I'll engage
In a conflict that's sick with violent rage
I gain fame from my name Everlast
How long can this hype about a devil last?
It started as fun but everyone took it serious
Now it seems I'm seen as delirious
That's ok, I'll stay underated
And good things will come to all that have waited
To the brother of a lighter skin to begin
Droppin knowledge with weight cause you rate paper thin
Science is one thing, knowledge is another
What do I mean when I say that I'm a brother?
Being a brother is a state of mind
For all those who chose to remain unblind
I grow in wisdom as I get older
That's right, I'm white and I'm a syndicate soldier