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Artist: Everlast
Album:  Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford
Song:   Let It Go
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Change your look, cut your hair
And I pretended like I don't care
Your so lovely girl, stop cryin
Bite my lip, I close my eyes
Try to tell myself you're no prize
Can't forget you girl, but I'm tryin
No one else will ever be
The things that you are to me girl
Kind of special hey - I ain't lyin
Bite yo' neck, I pull yo' hair
You're so innocent and unaware
I'm so lonely, I'm so scared girl
I'm dying here

Every single time, I went and fell in love
Push came down to shove I really tried to work it out
And every single time, I couldn't let it go
Baby girl don't you know your heart was too full of doubt

Grab your shoes, walk out the door
Like you've done a thousand times befo'
But you got nowhere you can go to
Try to run girl but you can't hide
All the voices deep down inside
Repeat all them things that I told you
You're steadily on my mind
Girl spoonin you from behind
That's my favorite way that I hold you
For every time I let you down
For every tear that touched the ground
For every sincere apology that I owe you girl


I've been lovin you a little too long
And still I keep holdin on
It's been a year since you been gone girl
Check it out now

[Chorus] - 2X