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Artist: Everlast
Album:  Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford
Song:   Weakness
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Met a fine red boned mami, she told me that her name was Lucille
Met her on Fountain Avenue, sittin on a Cadillac Coupe de Ville
She said I'm a liar a thief a junkie and I used to be a whore
And I've been trying to shake this monkey so long I just can't take it no more

I got a weakness, I got a hunger, I got a jones
I'm sick and I need to get well, I hurt deep in my bones
I got a weakness, I got a fever, I got a thirst
I'm sittin on the edge of the bubble, just waitin for it to burst

We talked all afternoon, she made me cry, I told some jokes
She looked me deep in my eyes and told me love was nuttin but a cruel hoax
Her grandmother died when she was five and she never did know her folks
Her father fell in a gun fight, and her mother by an overdose


She said I've slept with gangsters thugs & smugglers, congressman and governors
I've seen therapists and holy men, but this weakness is my only friend
It feeds my need, it numbs my soul, it starts to creep and takes control
Sell my flesh I pierce my skin, and tomorrow I'ma do it all again cause