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Artist: Everlast
Album:  Songs of the Ungrateful Living
Song:   Sixty-Five Roses
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It's been a bit of a while, since I've seen you smile
It's been too long baby what went wrong
Tell me how we got spoiled, tell me when it went bad
And how to get back to the times that we had
We were both young, and our spirits were bold
Now we're just angry and we act like we're old
We can't even talk it out
without one of us walkin away
When you were 18, I just turned 29
Was fresh out the coffin girl and you were so fine
The future was bright, and the world it seemed new
I was with some other woman, but I was thinkin of you
Now I know how it hurts, and I know how it feels
I know how it aches, cause the heart never heals
Cause we're so busy screamin
that we don't hear the words that we say
We've taken our lumps, we took a few blows
and hit a few bumps had our fair share of woes
Tried to see good, through all of the bad
Put on our smiles pretend we're not sad
We got a bit tough, but we got a bit strong
Got a bit right, can't afford to be wrong
It's hard to shake the blues
when you're readin bad news every day
We worry too much for one couple to bear
And hunger so much for one person to care
Foolin our family, we're foolin our friends
And pray that the pain and the frustration ends
Hope is a chance, and hope is a dream
Hope is a drug maybe hope's a vaccine
In a race against time
I get down on my knees and I pray
You shout at the devil, I curse the Lord
Offer them everything I can afford
Done sold out my soul, I've lied and deceived
Tried to be righteous, I've tried to believe
Prayed every prayer, kicked all of my highs
For hours I'd stare at those beautiful eyes
But all of my problems seem to be melting away
The smile on her face, says daddy everything is okay
In a race against time
I get down on my knees and I pray