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Artist: Everlast
Album:  Songs of the Ungrateful Living
Song:   The Crown
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

With a soft underbelly and a hardened heart
They say you gotta be tough if you ain't that smart
I'm sittin here alone, waitin for my phone to ring
Run of out time, run out of hope
The boys on the corner never run out of dope
I keep myself high, so I can keep doin my thang
They say - stupid is as stupid does~!
And everything's the same as it ever was
I drink myself blind tryin to find a new song to sing
Time is money and money talks
Bartender pour me one more whiskey on the rocks
While I try to understand, why every man wants to be kind

Heavy is the head that wears the crown
Everybody, kicks you when you're down
Laugh for now, later you can frown
Heavy is the head that wears, the, crown

Keep a sweet disposition and an iron will
A couple nice cars and a house on the hill
My bank account's full but my soul's still empty and cold
All the money and the clothes and the sold out shows
don't mean a damn thang when nobody knows ya
and your home's just a house when you sittin there alone in your robe
I heard - love is a game, I heard love is a rock
I heard love is a house on a dead-end block
But the ending keeps changin every time that the story gets told
Some pray for money, some pray for rain
And some are just prayin for relief from the pain
And some of us will buy just 'bout anything we can be sold


I'm a mean old dog, got a big old gun
I'm a proud new poppa, I'm a only son
I'm a begger, I'm a thief, I'm a liar and a cheat or two
I been around the block, I been around the sun
I been up I been down I been over and done
I've seen the bottom of the pile and the mountaintop - either'll do